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WhatsApp Web on Tablet, PC, or Laptop

It’s not as easy to type every message on your phone as it is on a laptop or PC keyboard. The good news now is you can use WhatsApp on a Windows device in two ways, through the web or app version.

This works because of WhatsApp’s new multi-device functionality, which lets you use the app on three and four ‘associated devices.’

This is perfect for ensuring you are constantly reachable, especially when at work; it may also be used when your phone’s battery dies or you don’t have access to your phone.

For most people, WhatsApp Web is a far more appealing option, as it allows you to not only read and respond to messages on any device but also send and receive photos and videos.

The best thing is that it’s absolutely free to use and only takes a brief setup before remaining signed in until you actively log out.

We’ll walk you through the simple steps of using WhatsApp on the web, as well as how to install the desktop client.

WhatsApp web download

Instead of checking in through the browser, WhatsApp also has a desktop app for PC or Mac that adds added features including full notification support for desktop chatters. 

It’s the easier alternative if you’ll be using WhatsApp Web on a regular basis, and it can be downloaded right now via whatsapp.com/download.

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To download the installation file to your computer, click the green Download button. Locate the file (it should be in your Downloads folder) and double-click it to install it.

whatsapp web login

Follow the steps in the installer on a Windows PC, and to complete the install on a Mac, simply drag the WhatsApp icon into your Applications folder.

WhatsApp web login

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone, then press the three dots symbol (or the setting cog on an iPhone) and choose Linked Devices.
  • Select ‘Link a Device’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to www.whatsapp.com with your preferred web browser on the device where you wish to use WhatsApp. If you wish to access it from your tablet, it’ll work with Safari on the iPad.
  • On your tablet or PC display, you should now see a QR code; aim your phone camera at it to connect the two.

WhatsApp Web will open in your browser by default and will remain active until you log out on your computer or phone.

On your phone, return to the Linked Devices page in Settings, press on the device, and choose Log Out. You can also log out in the browser window by selecting the three dots symbol at the top of the discussion list and choosing ‘Log out.’

WhatsApp web scan

When you open the WhatsApp desktop app or web version, you’ll get a very identical WhatsApp Web experience. 

You’ll be asked to scan a QR code, just like in the browser version, so take your phone, enter the settings menu, and choose Linked Devices. Then, using the phone’s camera, aim it at the QR code that appears onscreen.

The desktop software, like the browser app, keeps you locked into WhatsApp until you want to log out. 

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You can now talk with your WhatsApp friends on your PC or laptop, with the ability to share and receive media and more, as well as enter messages considerably faster on a PC or laptop keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about WhatsApp web

Below are some of the questions we’ve received about WhatsApp web, we’ve tried our best to provide the most accurate answers to them.

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What are the benefits of using the WhatsApp Web?

The primary advantages of utilizing WhatsApp Web instead of a phone are the benefits of using a computer. Here are a few concrete examples:

  1. You can type more quickly if you use your keyboard.
  2. You can see everything more clearly on a bigger screen.
  3. It’s simpler to flip between messages and talk with several people at once.
  4. While surfing in the Opera browser, you may effortlessly talk on WhatsApp.
  5. In WhatsApp Web, you can rapidly cut and paste photos, text, and files.
  6. There’s no need to be checking your phone all the time.
  7. It’s beneficial in areas where you can’t use your phone, such as the office.
  8. When your phone is charging or in another room, you don’t need to have it with you.
  9. Switching between WhatsApp Web and other things on your PC is simple.
  10. WhatsApp may be pinned in the Opera browser so that it is constantly displayed while you are browsing.
  11. It’s faster to scroll through messages.
  12. By running the programme in the background, you may view messages without them being marked as read.

What can I do with WhatsApp Web?

  1. Connect several computers to your phone’s WhatsApp and save them for later usage, as well as disconnect any of them.
  2. Use your keyboard to type.
  3. You may share photographs, movies, documents, and contacts, as well as instantly download any files to your computer.
  4. Change your phone’s media settings to prevent files from being downloaded automatically.
  5. Any current contact may be searched for discussions or a new chat can be started.
  6. Check out the contact details.
  7. View group details and use group conversations.
  8. Activate or deactivate desktop notifications.
  9. Voice recordings, emoticons, GIFs, and stickers may all be sent.
  10. Check out the latest WhatsApp status updates.
  11. Messages can be replied to, forwarded, starred, or deleted.
  12. Create a new profile picture.
  13. See if a message was delivered and if it was read.

What can’t I do with WhatsApp Web?

  1. You can’t use WhatsApp Web on two separate devices (besides your phone), or in two different browsers at the same time. When you log into one, you will be instantly logged out of the other.
  2. If your phone is turned off or not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web.
  3. In WhatsApp Web, you can’t add a new contact. You must first add them to WhatsApp on your phone.
  4. A WhatsApp Broadcast cannot be sent.
  5. WhatsApp does not allow you to make or receive phone or video calls.
  6. You are unable to create new WhatsApp status updates.
  7. You won’t be able to share your current location or maps with others.
  8. On WhatsApp Web, you won’t be able to read your messages if you’re offline.

What are the requirements for using WhatsApp Web?

To use WhatsApp Web in a browser, you’ll need the following:

  • A phone with a functional rear camera, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone.
  • Any current web browser, such as Google Chrome, on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Both your phone and your computer must have an active internet connection.
  • WhatsApp in its most recent and updated version.

You’ll need the following to use the WhatsApp Web desktop app:

  • The application.
  • A phone with a functional rear camera, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone.
  • Both your phone and your computer must have an active internet connection.
  • WhatsApp has been updated to the most recent version.

Is it necessary for me to have a WhatsApp account in order to use WhatsApp Web?

Yes, you must first download WhatsApp and set up an account on your smartphone. Then you may use WhatsApp Web as a WhatsApp plugin.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web on iOS?


What should I be aware of before using WhatsApp Web?

  • You must have WhatsApp installed and functioning on your phone to use WhatsApp Web. While using WhatsApp Web, you must have your phone linked to WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Web connects and sends messages in the same way that WhatsApp on your phone does. This implies that messages and material sent over WhatsApp Web may be seen on your phone and vice versa.
  • To avoid using up all of your mobile data, keep your smartphone linked to Wi-Fi whenever feasible.
  • WhatsApp on your phone must be updated to the current version in order to utilise WhatsApp Web.
  • You can only use an existing account since WhatsApp Web mimics WhatsApp on your phone. You must first establish a WhatsApp account on your phone if you do not already have one.
  • At any one moment, you can only be signed into WhatsApp Web on one device or in one browser.
  • Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are all compatible with WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp is also included in the Opera browser for PCs, so you can use it from the sidebar panel rather than a browser tab.

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Is WhatsApp Web secure?

Yes. WhatsApp Web, like WhatsApp, uses end-to-end encryption for all of its messages. Furthermore, WhatsApp Web is a transient connection to WhatsApp on your phone that disappears after a short period of time or when you log out. In WhatsApp on your phone, you can also check and disconnect any WhatsApp Web connections.

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What types of files can I share with WhatsApp Web?

You may transmit photographs, videos, and documents (up to 16MB each) (up to 100MB each).

On WhatsApp Web, how can I attach files?

You may pick the file you wish to transmit by clicking the paper-clip symbol. You may also copy and paste an image from a web page into the message section. The best way to do this is to use the Opera browser, which has WhatsApp integrated into the sidebar.

Is there a limit on the size of files I may transfer over WhatsApp Web?

On WhatsApp Web, photo and video attachments are limited to 16MB, while documents are limited to 100MB.

Tip: You can use the 100MB limit if you attach your movie or photo as a document.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web on many devices or browsers at the same time?

No. When you enter into WhatsApp Web on a different device or browser, you will be instantly separated from all prior connections.

How long does the WhatsApp Web connection last?

After 3 days of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out of WhatsApp Web.

You may tick a box beneath the QR code that reads “keep me signed in” when you sign into WhatsApp Web. Then you’ll be linked as long as your phone is connected to WhatsApp.

What is the procedure for logging out of WhatsApp Web?

Open the menu from the three-dot symbol in WhatsApp Web and select Log out.

On your phone, go to the WhatsApp app.

  • Select WhatsApp Web from the menu that appears when you click the three-dot icon.
  • You’ll see a list of devices and browsers that you’ve used to log in previously.
  • To log out of an active connection, press it, or go to the bottom and hit Log out from all devices.

How do I find out if someone is accessing my WhatsApp Web account?

If your account is used for a new WhatsApp Web connection, you will receive a notice on your phone. To view any current or historical relationships, however:

On your phone, open WhatsApp.

  • Select WhatsApp Web from the three-dot menu. A list of current and prior connections will appear.
  • To log out of an active connection, press it, or go to the bottom and hit Log out from all devices.

How can I make a WhatsApp Web call?

Unfortunately, you can’t make calls using WhatsApp Web right now.

How can I create a WhatsApp Web group chat?

Pick a New group at the top of the page, then select the contacts you wish to add.

  • The New chat symbol on Opera and on the WhatsApp Web site resembles a speech bubble.
  • The New chat symbol in the WhatsApp Web application resembles a plus sign.

How can I create a WhatsApp Web group chat?

  • Pick a New group at the top of the page, then select the contacts you wish to add.
  • The New chat symbol on Opera and on the WhatsApp Web site resembles a speech bubble.
  • The New chat symbol in the WhatsApp Web application resembles a plus sign.

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