WhatsApp launches CDC Spanish Vaccine language Finder


WhatsApp is honored by the opportunity to support the United States government’s sprint to get more Americans vaccinated for COVID-19 before the holiday on July 4th, 2020 or as soon as they are able to do so.

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Humans all around rely on WhatsApp, as it’s popularly known that WhatsApp plays a particularly strong role with Spanish speaking communities in the United States. This new Spanish-language vaccine finder the CDC developed makes it easy to find a location to get the shot, order a free ride to get there, and get information.

WhatsApp CDC Spanish Vaccine language Finder
WhatsApp CDC Spanish Vaccine language Finder


What makes it amazing is that it could be done with just a simple text messaging service. Throughout the previous year, WhatsApp worked with over 150 governments and health organizations, like WHO and now the CDC, to help counter misinformation, provide updates, and get people vaccinated to end this pandemic of a thing. People all around the world are advised to help spread the word to someone they might know.

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