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WhatsApp business

WhatsApp is iniquitously underrated. WhatsApp Business is even being underused. In this article, we take a look at how WhatsApp Business can benefit you as a great tool to benefit your business venture without costing you extra fees, unlike other social media.

Understandably, other social media such as Facebook and Twitter are getting all the hype and praise from business owners. However, the king among them all could be WhatsApp, even though it gets way less attention and commendation compared to other heavyweights mentioned above. In fact, WhatsApp could be more important compared to the acknowledged ones out there.

WhatsApp has its utility beyond just texting and video chatting with your colleagues at work. Its ability to bring high leads and maximum level of sales for your business cannot be overemphasized.

WhatsApp Business is built to create the needed buzz around your business. Specifically made with the interests of business owners in mind, WhatsApp Business allows immediate connection and interaction between business owners and prospective clients. Hence, this brings personalized experiences that can help improve the sales level and better customer relationship management. Customers feel more connected to you through WhatsApp compared to other chat apps. There is this feeling of personalization that comes with being able to directly chat up a business owner through WhatsApp that cannot be seen elsewhere. Before we dive into that, let us look at…

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A Brief Intro to WhatsApp chat app

Think of WhatsApp as another chat app like Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, or something as old as Blackberry Messenger (BBM). All serve the same purpose. Giving the users the ability to quickly interact with their contacts with the use of an internet connection. The addition of other functionalities such as video and voice calls makes chat apps a better alternative to traditional calling applications.

Why WhatsApp Business?

Below are some of the reasons people generally use WhatsApp to interact with one another.

  • Close to free:

Unlike the old medium of engaging in telephone conversations, chat apps like WhatsApp are considered to be very close to being free. The only charges come on your internet data, which is considered to be incredibly cheaper and affordable.

  • Reliability:

The only friction you experience with WhatsApp comes when you do not have a means of internet connection. Get connected and you are on the go.

  • Globally used:

WhatsApp has become one of the most used chat applications across the globe. Over 80% of global mobile users have it installed on their handheld devices.

  • More functionalities:

Functionalities such as voice and video calls, media file sharing, voice messages, and location sharing are among the reasons for the upsurge in the global adopters of WhatsApp.

What makes WhatsApp Business the ideal tool for growing your Business?

CRM is right with you

Getting customers satisfied with the products sold or services rendered has been one of the most efficient ways to retain their interest in a business organization ever since man’s existence. In a world where different sets of people offer the same services or sell the same products, a lot is required of business owners to stand out while improving their sales. With technology comes a variety of solutions to aid man in maintaining the reputation of his business enterprise. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will provide you with a centralized platform to effectively manage your contacts, design a sales process, conduct your marketing, and provide customer support. A good CRM will allow you to automate basic tasks, streamline processes and costs, improve workflow, and create more sales for your business.

WhatsApp provides you with a good CRM avenue with the following functionalities:

Quick Replies: With WhatsApp, you can easily set up some templates that can help you answer commonly asked questions by your customers. This saves you a lot of time, with the customers getting their answers as fast as possible.

Away Messages: You no longer have to stay glued to your mobile phones or PC in order to ensure you are there as prospective customers knock on your door. WhatsApp Business comes full pack, allowing you to leave custom away and greeting messages which are auto rendered to your prospective customers as they hit your DM.

Labels: With WhatsApp Business, you can categorize your contacts and messages. You can sort messages and users in the order or expected urgency and importance, thereby making sure that your time on the WhatsApp app is tailored around getting the best for your business venture.

Easy communication with international customers: In addition to the aforementioned, WhatsApp Business makes it easy for you to connect with both the prospects and already gained customers that are not within your locality with its incredible integrated customer relationship management tools.

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WhatsApp Business products catalog

Another great functionality on WhatsApp Business comes with the product catalog features. This brings the feeling of a physical shopping experience for the eCommerce shoppers; i.e. your customers. With the products catalog, you can showcase products based on different categories some of which can be new products, bestselling products, most viewed products, and products with the best reviews. Below are the key benefits of using the products catalog on WhatsApp Business:

  • Easily place product images alongside details such as product name, price, size, and color variations, as well as the direct link to the product on your e-commerce website.
  • Share the product catalog link directly to the customers as you engage them on WhatsApp chat

Facebook Shops Integration

While WhatsApp Business comes with great features that take your e-commerce business to another level, there are other benefits that you can explore by integrating external apps into it. One of these is integration with Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops is a tool that allows you to create customized shopping experiences for your businesses and integrate them seamlessly across the Facebook family of web and mobile applications. Through your shop, you can showcase the products and services you’re selling and connect with potential customers. It’s an invaluable tool for any growing business.

Network with related professionals and business partners

WhatsApp Business especially comes with great tools to better your sales performance. You can easily link your WhatsApp Business account to the computer in your office or home, thereby easily accessing frictionless video calls and meetings right on your computer. The best part of this is that you would be able to access these functionalities even when your mobile device is away or offline.

The Takeaway

The internet is a home of different opportunities for business owners and goods and services users. Sitting at the top of these opportunities is the Facebook family of apps, with WhatsApp offering more than many people are aware of. WhatsApp Business is business oriented and provides you with great features and tools that can be tailored around the betterment of your business endeavors.

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