What companies are in the energy field – All you need to Know

What companies are in the energy field

What companies are in the energy field

The conversation in our society and politics often involves the energy sector. Electricity and power are resources that energy businesses supply, but conventional methods of energy production have come under scrutiny since they contribute to the increase in global pollution.

Major energy firms have pledged to boost their use of renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, and battery power, thus the sector is still expanding. New businesses and employment are created as a result of this growing interest in renewable energy.

Energy production and consumption are being changed by businesses like Tesla. They are more in need of programmers and other IT positions since they are less dependent on fossil resources.

Change is inescapable since the renewable energy landscape is continuously being uncovered. Continue reading to learn more about what we currently know and the possibilities that exist.

What Is the Energy Sector?

Simply expressed, the energy sector is the place where the energy for our everyday needs is produced. Oil, gas, and electricity are included in this.

The fact that there is a difference between the energy industry and the energy sector may surprise you. Although these two expressions are often used interchangeably, there is a little distinction between them.

Everything that helps produce energy is considered to be a part of the energy sector. This is roughly divided into two categories: the actual sources of energy and equipment and services (oil, wind, etc.).

Renewable and non-renewable energy are often used as categories in political discourse. In contrast to non-renewable energy, which has a limited amount of supply, renewable energy naturally refills at the source (the sun, wind, etc.).

Types of Energy in Energy Companies

The production, mining, and distribution of energy within a nation are further divided into subcategories within the energy business. The main categories of energy companies are listed below.


Renewable energy naturally replenishes itself at the source, as we already explained. This covers geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources. Clean energy is a term that is sometimes used to describe renewable energy.

Most of us have seen solar or battery-powered devices, wind turbines, or both. These are the typical pieces of machinery used in the renewable energy industry.

Orsted, situated in Denmark, is one of the biggest renewable energy firms in the world.

Oil and Gas

The energy sector is associated with gas and oil. Oil and gas have been known for ages, but oil and gas mining did not get off the ground until the 1800s.

Oil is extracted, burnt, and the heat it generates drives a turbine that generates the energy we consume. Before being supplied to customers, natural gas is extracted from the ground, purified, and then piped to a business storage facility.

Apart from a few pipelines that come from Canada or Mexico, most natural gas in the United States is generated domestically. On the other hand, oil plays a significant role in global commerce. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil-producing corporation in the world.

Pipeline and Refining

Oil is boiled and divided into various fuel components, such as butane and diesel fuels, during the process of oil refining.

Oil must be delivered from the mining regions to the refineries before it can be processed. Pipelines that go thousands of miles below the surface of the planet are the main method for doing this.

Oil refinery businesses are many. Oil and energy corporations like ExxonMobil may be among the bigger businesses. The Marathon, BP, and Chevron refineries are among the others.

Top Companies for Tech in the Energy Field

If you love technology and are captivated by the energy sector, you could be interested in any of these firms’ tech positions. Below, we have detailed some of the major tech organisations in the U.S. and instances of their most frequent tech positions.


ExxonMobil dates its beginnings to the oil industry’s infancy in 1859. They generally work in the oil and gas industry. It is among the biggest oil businesses on the planet.

ExxonMobil, a large and well-known corporation, carries with its brand recognition and stability. Consider working with Exxon if you’re searching for a tech position in a reputable sector that will be recognised by employers.

ExxonMobil’s activities are conducted all over the globe, thus there may be prospects for employment abroad.

Duke Energy

The Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States get electricity from Duke Energy. It started out as a hydropower enterprise and is now expanding its range of energy sources.

Three-quarters of the energy produced by Duke Energy comes from natural gas. Coal accounts for 21% of Duke’s energy while nuclear energy makes up 35% of the portfolio. They also make use of solar and wind energy.

if you want employment in the Midwest and Southeast. They are devoted to expanding their use of renewable energy, which might provide fantastic chances for someone in the tech sector.


Exelon was created in 2000 from the merging of two local power companies, and since then, it has added additional subsidiaries. Their main service regions are Chicago and the Mid-Atlantic.

Exelon mostly uses nuclear power for its energy needs. The least percentage of Exelon’s portfolio is made up of renewable energy sources.

Exelon provides more conventional tech-focused positions as compared to other energy businesses. Their job descriptions call for proficiency in many different coding languages.

Numerous job descriptions call for prior technical and coding expertise. There are probably also entry-level positions available, however.

Apex Clean Energy

A relatively young energy provider, Apex was established in 2009. Renewable and sustainable energy are Apex’s main priorities.

They have a number of sites with the necessary infrastructure to provide customers with wind and solar energy.

Apex could be the best electricity provider for you if you have a love for sustainability and technology. They are a company with a clear objective that aims to have the biggest portfolio of sustainable energy in the US.

Tesla Motors

Tesla is often linked to its contentious creator, Elon Musk, or possibly its cutting-edge battery-powered vehicles. The business also works on developing renewable energy, however.

The business seeks to develop goods that improve sustainability and reduce emissions. Additionally, it attempts to create goods sustainably and offsets emissions. The corporate website claims that Tesla’s solar panels have paid for their whole vehicle production process.

Tesla could be your best option if you want to work in the energy and IT industries. They provided the widest range of tech jobs, including software engineering, back-end and front-end development, and data analytics, that correspond with Bootcamp capabilities.


One of the most well-known power corporations in the world is General Electric (GE). They may trace their roots to Thomas Edison, one of the pioneers of electricity, who founded them.

As a more established power provider, GE’s portfolio consists of more conventional energy sources including gas, oil, and nuclear power. However, they are making efforts to meaningfully diversify their portfolio. This is a significant change considering that GE provides a third of the world’s electricity.

If you want to work in the IT and energy sectors, GE could be a fantastic place to start. GE is a massive organisation with several divisions. If you are unable to find employment directly in the energy sector, you may want to think about accepting a position inside another division.

American Electric Power

American Electric Power, sometimes referred to as AEP, is a conventional energy provider that relies on coal for 42% of its electricity. By 2022, they will be using 20% more renewable energy than many other firms, a larger proportion.

In contrast to other businesses, AEP is transparent about its plans and objectives for boosting the production of renewable energy on its website. This suggests openness and a sincere willingness to bring about long-lasting change.

AEP can be a fantastic option if you want to work for a firm that is going through a significant transition. They seem to be using IT jobs in their transformation based on their job advertisements.

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy, a different regional power provider, provides service to 13 million people. Their lofty objective is to become the most environmentally friendly energy provider in the United States.

Even while Dominion Energy sets ambitious targets for the development of renewable energy sources, the majority of its energy still comes from fossil fuels.

If you’re looking to work for a smaller power business, Dominion could be a suitable option. They have a number of tech posts with a range of backgrounds.

They have high standards for renewable energy sources, so you might play a significant role in transforming the energy sector.

How Do I Land a Tech Position in the Energy Sector?

Power firms often offer IT jobs that need highly educated and experienced candidates. Ph.D.-level requirements are mentioned in many jobs.

Don’t give up, however! There are some things to think about. First off, organisations with top jobs in technology are probably also employing entry-level or more junior employees.

Second, some of the younger or smaller businesses (like Apex) may accept Bootcamp training or the equivalent of industry experience in place of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The majority of IT professions need an engineering or other scientific degree. Given this knowledge, a person with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science who has also successfully completed a Bootcamp would be the best candidate for many of these professions.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Energy Field

1. What are the highest-paying energy jobs?

Engineering positions in fields like environmental, civil, or air quality engineering have the highest salaries in the energy sector. The median annual pay for environmental engineers in 2021 was $96,820, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In the same year, the median yearly salary for civil engineers was $88,050. It takes at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering to work in these fields.

Geoscientists, solar project developers, and consultants for renewable energy sources are a few other well-paying energy professions.

2. What is the fastest-growing energy field?

Currently, the energy sector with the quickest growth is solar. The majority of the increase in solar energy is coming from solar photovoltaics in particular.

When we think of solar energy, most of us picture solar photovoltaics, or the panels you often see on houses, businesses, and other structures. These solar panels use the photoelectric process to transform sunlight into electricity.

Despite its tremendous expansion, solar energy still only accounts for 3% of global energy consumption as of 2020. Even while there may be a desire for work, realise that this is just a tiny portion of the whole pie.

3. Are energy engineers in high demand?

Yes! The position of an energy engineer is anticipated to develop faster than average over the next ten years due to initiatives to diversify energy sources.

Energy engineers develop novel methods for generating and using energy. Engineers work to create ecologically friendly systems in this capacity to lessen the effects of energy generation.

Job opportunities in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina are available to anyone with knowledge of or an interest in solar energy. Consider some of the same states, like Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, and California, if you’re seeking for work in the wind energy industry.

There is employment everywhere in the nation, but these states provide the greatest opportunity.

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