Ultimate Tower Defense Codes For August 2022

Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Ultimate Tower Defense is definitely one of the best tower defense games on the Roblox platform. If you are looking for free in-game goodies, this post is without a doubt, what you need.

There are several tower defense games on Roblox. However, Ultimate Tower Defense is the hottest among them all right now. Recently, the game received a bunch of new updates. One of the several good things about game updates is that they most of the time, come with a pack of free redeem codes to get the goodies that were originally meant to purchase with real money, free.

Ultimate Tower Defense is one of those very challenging games, with multiple levels and loads of difficult challenges that you must go through and thrive in order to attain new heights in the game. As well, there are loads of unlockable characters to choose from. Some of these are superhero’s vision, killing with magic-like actions such as pointing the hand to the object you are fighting, and many more amusing activities. The Ultimate Tower Defense game is well packed with amazing activities that make it one of the most enjoyable games out there.

All Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Being one of the most enjoyable games in the gaming world now, users often look for a way to access all the goodies that are required in order to win battles, and challenges, attain new levels, and defeat the in-game bottlenecks. Acquiring these goodies and items requires users to spend real money. However, it is not all users that can afford to purchase these important items. Hence, they look for ways to get free codes that they can use to acquire the items. Here, we always provide you with updated codes that you can redeem to access the Ultimate Tower Defense in-game items for free.

Latest working codes

Below are the new additions, latest, and working codes that you can redeem to get goodies for the Ultimate Tower Defense game.

  • 330KLikes – gives you 5,000 Gold (NEW)
  • StayGreen2022 – gives you 200 Gems
  • Maja – gives you 75 Gold
  • 320KLikes – gives you 5,000 Gold
  • Easter2022 – gives you 250 Gems
  • 600MillionVisits – gives you 100 Gems
  • LateJuly4 – gives you some great goodies
  • 330kLikes – gives you 5k free gold

Kindly note that all codes are case-sensitive, and hence, they need to be entered just as they are seen above. Also, remember that these codes are only redeemable once. So, once you have used a code and it works for you, you can no longer use it again. However, you can still share the code you used with your game buddies.

You will always get the latest working codes on this page. So, even when the one you have access to at the moment is no longer working, you can check back again to get the newly released ones.

Expired Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Here are some of the free codes for the Ultimate Tower Defense game that have already expired.

  • 320KLikes – gives you 5k free gold
  • MillionMembers – gives you free gems
  • Easter2022 – gives you free gems to unlock new towers
  • 600MillionVisits – gives you free gems!
  • 310KLikes – gives you free gold!
  • 300KLikes – gives you 5k gold
  • StayGreen2022 – gives you 200 free gems
  • MrFlimmyFlammy – Albert/Flamingo tower
  • 280KLikes – 5,000 gold
  • 500MillionVisits – 500 gems
  • 270KLikes – 5,000 gold
  • 50mVisits
  • 100gems
  • Patrick
  • 60klikes


How To Redeem Codes In Ultimate Tower Defense

Rdedeeming the free Ultimate Tower Defense codes is very easy and straightforward. Unlike many other games out there, this one does not require any experience. The steps involved are given below.

  • Launch the Ultimate Tower Defense game
  • Click on the Twitter (bird) icon located around the bottom left corner
  • Enter the free code
  • Hit redeem and start enjoying the free items!

How Do I Play Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator?

None of the codes given here and other things talked about will make any sense to you if you do not even know how to play the game. However, this is not a hard game to play. All you need to do is hit the big Play button on the page of the game you want to play. Since this is about the Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator, hit on it and go from there. In a situation where this does not work, you can just type the game’s name into the search bar on the Roblox main page. You should see the game (if available) among the search results.  Once you are in, redeem your Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes using the method we have described above. Now walk toward the shop, smash either of the two Gold options in the bottom-left Shop window, and are in for some adventures.

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How Do I Equip Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense?

This is one of the frequent questions asked by new players of the Ultimate Tower Defense game. The answer to this is provided in this section of the post.

Usually, you will notice that you already have one tower on your bottom bar right as you start the game. This gives you access to three slots from this point. To access more, you will have to unlock them as you level up by playing. The process is the same when you are trying to use new towers pulled with gold and when you are using the ones unlocked from Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes. Follow the steps below for guidance.

  • Foremost, click the inventory button on the left side of the screen.
  • Then select the slot you want to put your new tower into.
  • Now click the tower in your inventory and hit the Equip button.
  • Now, in the case where your slots are full, you will have to first click the slot you want to replace by hitting the Unequip button, and then go from there.

And that is it. Be sure to check again for the updated newly released cods.

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