Tesla Pi (5G) Phone 2022 Preview: Release Date and Price

Tesla pi phone release date

Let’s talk about the new Tesla Pi (5G) phone that is set to hit the market in 2022. Here is the full preview of the Tesla Pi (5G) phone, key features, design, release date and pricing.

Elon Musk has a way of keeping the world amazed by his incredible technological prowess and innovations. The world’s richest man record holder has before deployed several technologists that have immensely kept competitors on their feet in recent years. Nonetheless, Tesla is moving to another direction after the reports of their Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone set to be the first mobile phone implementing the next generation network; 5G and neuralink support m. As mentioned earlier, Elon and Tesla are so used to making us amazed by their innovations. Adding to the collections of space rockets, satellites and electric cars built by the company is the newly introduced Tesla Pi (5G) Phone 2022. It is expected that the phone would be more than anything we have seen so far this year. With the expectation of Apple’s next generation phone; iPhone 14 to hit the market also this year, perhaps we are in for a superb thrill in the remaining part of 2022.

Following Tesla’s announcement of the new smartphone they are making, mobile phone users are eager to see what is inside, especially with Tesla’s remark that the phone will be equipped with new features we have not seen in smartphones before. With the phone said to have high regulation that makes its network work even when you are in locations with no network or internet connection; such as mountains and deep forests, then the world is set to see a smartphone that has direct access to satellite connectivity.

Tesla Pi (5) Smartphone Specifications and Features

Incredible features are expected to hit the mobile phone sphere through the Tesla Pi Smartphone. Below are some of the key features of the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone.

Neuralink Support On Smartphone

Now this is the biggest of it all. The idea of computers interacting with the brain is not only amusing but to think about it, it is still understood to be science fiction. However, with the technological prowess of Elon Musk companies, this looks like something that is set to hit the market sooner than expected. Neuralink is one of the companies working on it. According to them, they are designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go. This is the process that will allow computing devices to connect with the activity of your brain, just by thinking about it. Could the first phone capable of such a feat be from Tesla? That would not be so surprising. If there is any company capable of pulling this out, well, it might as well be them. Regardless, various leak reports suggest that the Neuralink allocation will come with the Tesla Li (5G) phone.

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Cryptocurrency Mining on Tesla Pi (5G) Phone

As a popular adoptor of cryptocurrency and outspoken individual whose enthusiasm towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology cannot be hidden, integrating a use case for this next generation decentralised system on the Tesla Pi phone would never be condemned. Musk has been public about cryptocurrencies in the past, so it is not unreasonable to assume he would want to embed this ability in a phone. While Bitcoin is more popular, and Musk presumably prefers the existing Dogecoin, the rumor is Tesla’s phone would mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about)

Vehicle Control With The Tesla Pi (5G) Phone

This is not entirely new from Tesla, as there already exists a Tesla application for phones to perform basic car functions such as lock/unlock the car doors, control media playback, and wake up the vehicle. Without a doubt, the app would most assuredly be preinstalled on the phone. It can as well be built-in to the operating system itself for easy access directly from the lock screen or via external buttons without having to access a standalone app. There is also a possibility of the app offering unique options only to the Tesla phone owners.

Massive Internet Download Speed

This is not strange with Tesla. The Starlink internet connection says it all. This is an incredible internet service that provides a download speed of up to 200MPBS. That literally means you can download a 1GB size movie in about 5s. You need more than that to get into your toilet and pee. That will be massive for smartphone users. The benefits they come from high speed internet connections are limitless. They can make life easier for you at work and your home.  If you are looking for a high internet download speed, then the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone is your choice. To read more about the Tesla Pi key features, pricing and release date, continue with this article. 

Tesla Pi (5G) Smartphone Incredible Cameras

Here is the Tesla Pi smartphone 2022 camera set that includes a Quadruple of 108MP + 50MP + 50MP + 5MP sensors on the back with 200X Space Zoom capabilities. Added to that is the front camera having 48megapixels selfie lens that allow you to take front and rear pictures and videos in the highest quality you can think of for a mobile phone. Also seen on the camera features are Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, and Touch To capabilities.

Teska Pi (5G) High Quality Graphics Features

Tesla Pi’s 6.7” screen offers a high quality display experience that will keep the users on their feet for a long time. There are various display features that set the phone on a high standard. Available on the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone are the 4K, HD, HDR, night vision and panorama while the video display offers    4K, HD, as well as 1080@240fps.

RAM and Storage

The Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone offers a high RAM and storage capacities enough to make its performance super fast and efficient. The RAM is expected to be within the range of 6GB and 12GB with the storage capacities offered to be 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. That is a very high capacity that can get you anything you want on a smartphone.

Tesla Pi (5G) Smartphone Battery Life

Battery is a very important element of mobile phones. While the world goes crazy about the picture and video quality on next generation smartphones, one of the elements that set the standard for the most in demand ones is their battery capacity. With quality features such as high quality display, network strength like 5G, and the likes, smartphones need to do more with their battery life. These features mentioned above as much as they set the standard for the phones, they leave setbacks on how long the battery can backup for. The Tesla api (5G) phone has a battery capacity of 4,700mAh, making it higher than the soon to be revealed iPhone 14 series.

Tesla Pi (5G) In Connection With Starlink

It is not only the fast download speeds that are seen on the Starlink internet connection that the Tesla Pi phone would have. There are more than just that. The phone is expected to come with a solar panel feature, allowing the users to charge the phones without connecting it to electricity. That is a very advanced feature that may reduce the need for gadgets such as power banks as more brands adopt it in the very near future. 

Tesla Pi Smartphone In The USA 

While the Tesla Pi (5G) phone is expected to be available in several countries, the USA markets will likely be the first to have access to this revolutionaryp smartphone. There are already many great smartphone brands in the United States. Samsung, Google Pixels and Motorola are big brands doing great numbers  in the western world. Each with its incredible unique features, the aforementioned will give the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone some real fight. But the Tesla phone is understood to introduce features that will drive massive adoption despite being an entirely new brand in the mobile phone industry.

Tesla Pi (5G) Smartphone Release Date In USA

As the country that will get the firsthand experience on the Tesla (5G) smartphone, the United States mobile phone users will welcome the phone in 2022 while the other karts of the world await the release date in their regions, some of which are likely to get it this year as well. While the preorder is yet to be opened even in the United States, it is believed that people will be able to get hold of the phone before the heat runs out.

Tesla Pi (5G) Smartphone In The USA: Where To Get It, And Pricing

Without the smallest doubt, the Tesla phone will hit various phone stores in the United States. However, the early birds can be gotten at the Tesla official store in the country. The Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone is rumoured to be sold within the range of $800 and $1,200, making it one of the most expensive smartphones in the market. Functionality wise, that would be a good money well spent. In addition, the company is well known to utilise various payment gateways, making it easier for the users to buy and pay in their preferred payment method from the options available. The company also offers free shipping on orders starting from $100. Hence, you can actually get the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone delivered right in front of your door without an extra cost. 

Other Countries Where The Tesla Pi (5G) Phone Is Expected To Launch And Pricing

The USA would not be the only country to enjoy the great features that come with the next generation smartphone, the first ever from Elon Musk’s owned company. Others such as the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, China, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates are expected to access the phone at launch. While it is projected for the phone to hit the Indian markets at 1,200 Rupees, factual information on the pricing in other countries mentioned above is still yet to be unleashed.

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Tesla Pi (5G) Phone: The Elon Musk Effect

The Tesla Pi phone on its own might be an innovation to reckon with, with its incredible features that will definitely catch the attention of any smartphone user. However, it is Elon Musk’s prowess, brilliance and popularity that is giving this phone the attention it is getting. Phone and gadget users across the globe are waiting patiently to see if this will be the integration of another powerful mobile phone brand that will share the battleground with the super brands already dominating the global markets. Whichever way, this looks like another great win for Elon Musk.

Departing Thoughts

The unreal nature of the Tesla Phone makes thinking about it even more interesting. There is no doubt the phone is already in production and rumours suggest that it will be released this year. Many even suggest that Tesla may need to hold out a release until implantable brain-machine interfaces are available. If we are to go through that route, we may have to wait for a few more years which is unrealistic judging from the reports from several verifiable sources.

Hopefully this has been a great read. It is our hope that you found as much information about the Tesla Pi (5G) smartphone as you had wanted in this post. We say a big thanks as your visit on this post is much appreciated. Stay with us for updates on the Tesla Pi (5G) phone, Tesla Pi (5G) phone key features, release dates, Tesla Pi phone prices in USA, Canada, UK. UAE, Asia and African countries such as Nigeria. If you have suggestions or questions about the Tesla Pi (5G) phone release date, features or prices, kindly reach out to us.

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