Telegram adds Anonymous admins, Search filters and channels discussion

Anonymous admins, Search filters and channels discussion

Telegram Cloud for sure is endless and full of highly spiced memes. To help users find their way around the telegram app, They introduced Search Filters. This update also unboxes a cool feature, which goes by the name “Anonymous Admins” this admins the right to do whatsoever they like without being Afraid of anybody.

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New Telegram feature Search Filters

Henceforth, telegram users can filter search results by type making use of the new tabs, they include: Media, Links, Files and others. Take fro example, To search for a particular time period, users only need to just type “August 14” or “Yesterday”.

Typing the name of any person, group, channel or bot will add a filter by source.

These search filters can be combined, which lets you look for something as specific as messages with a link, sent in January 2016, containing the word “girl”.

The Anonymous Group Admins feature

Telegram is increasingly used to organize protests for democracy and freedom. This day telegram decides to introduce another tool, to ensure safer protest.

Toggling the Remain Anonymous button in Admin rights to enablees Batman mode. This anonymous admin will be hidden in the list of group members, and their messages in the chat will be signed with the group name, similar to channel posts.

Telegram – Channel Comments

Speak of the devil, Telegram added a comment button to posts on channels with discussion groups. The Comments show up in a cozy little thread of their own, However, it will also land in the discussion group to keep everyone in the loop and therefore making it easier for admins to keep the group conversation civil.

If you happen not to be a member of the channel’s discussion group, users like you will be notified about replies to your comments via a new chat called Replies.

For a limited time only, you reading this can check out this feature on this channel.

If you wish to enable discussions in your own channel, head over to Channel Settings »Discussion.

Telegrams Amazing Android Additions

The telegram Android wizards didn’t forget to put in the box some new smooth animations. You can checking this out by trying to expand or hide your keyboard – or maybe just switching between your day and night themes located at the left menu. Telegram users will also see animated popups when deleting messages, changing notifications, saving media and when doing all other stuffs.

Let’s say you happen to be the type who’s more pragmatic, you can  try pressing and holding on any profile picture in a group chat to take a closer look at them. Also, for those using multiple accounts in one app, they can now preview the chat lists of their other accounts using the same gesture in the account switcher.

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