How To withdraw PayPal Funds and Create an account in Nigeria

PayPal Nigeria receive and withdraw

Welcome, I know you’re here because you want to know how to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Nigerian bank account or probably how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria that can receive funds.

Do not receive PayPal funds until You’ve Had everything Set.

I’ll advise you to read all the text and also view the videos below (Any mistake is on me reading this). I know many are going to expect this page to be full of lots of text and subheadings, However, that’s not going to be the case, as I’ll be working Smart and not hard.

You’ve watched a lot of videos read a lot of posts, and you still can’t withdraw your PayPal funds, so you have no other choice but to sell them to your PayPal vendors at a rate lesser than what you ought to receive.

The videos below are not created by me but by the time you go through all the text, images, and videos, if you’re not able to withdraw your PayPal funds (don’t even think about it, that’s impossible)

Step 1 (use my referral code, T for thanks)

  1. Install kuda Bank app
  2. create an account
  3. Verify your identity, with your BVN and NIN.
  4. After all that you’ll be given a Tier 3 account

Click on the Link below to Download Kuda app and join with this code: RNYkQKYR

Step 2

  1. Install chipper cash
  2. Create an account
  3. Verify your identity
  4. You’ll be given an account number
  5. Credit your chipper cash account number (via bank transfer)

Step 2.1

  1. Go to the card section
  2. Request for a dollar card

Step 3

Of course, you need to have a PayPal account, and my guy smith has done justice to how to create a than an ordinary PayPal account)

Follow the video below to learn how to go about creating your PayPal account

Once you’re done with creating your PayPal account, let’s head over to the next step. You might be able to add your bank card like Firstbank Mastercard or the likes (but your funds are withdrawn at a low exchange rate), but many times you’re not able to add your Nigerian bank card (I mean if you try it till eternity, it’ll not work).

Step 5

  1. Go back to your chipper cash app and fund your dollar card, with at least 5$
  2. Once you’ve funded it
  3. Go back to PayPal and link it with your card
  4. Once you input your dollar card details, click link, after that, PayPal will deducts 1$.
  5. Here’s the catch, if you use your Nigerian bank account, it’ll take days before your code is sent, but if you make use of a dollar Virtual card, you get it immediately (in the nick of time
  6. Go back to chipper cash and copy that code
  7. Then back to PayPal, go to the cards & banks section
  8. You’ll see the card you added, click on confirm card, and input the code that was sent to your dollar Virtual card billing, which will be accompanied mean with a bill of 1.95$ (Although PayPal is going to refund this later)
  9. And there you go, you’ve linked your card
1st time PayPal deducts 1$.
When you click confirm card, PayPal deducts 1.95$ and send you a code


According to the photo above my code is 1079. You can stop here, and try withdrawing to your chipper cash virtual dollar card, but if it doesn’t work, follow the next procedure below.

Before step 5

Things to take note of

  • If your PayPal account is new always send invoices for payment, do not give the sender your email or link to make the payment, unless your money will be on hold
  • Do not do more than 200$ per transaction, or your money will be on hold
  • I’ll advise you, to try receiving 10$ first, before going to 200$
  • Be patient, Don’t be in a hurry to receive funds
  • Peradventure your first payment happens to be on hold after following the procedure above, wait for 24hrs, if it’s not released, refund the money (ASAP).

Step 5

When you have your funds in your PayPal account and want to withdraw them at a good rate step 5 comes in

  1. Sign up on airtm with the same email address you used for PayPal (Click Here)

The video above shows you how to transfer your PayPal funds to airtm. Once you’ve transferred your PayPal funds to airtm $, you can relax.

But take Note: You need to verify your identity before you’ll be allowed to make use of this payment method.

How to withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account from Airtm

  1. The same way you deposited, is the same way you’ll withdraw only that you’ll be making use of kuda Bank this time around
  2. If you’re familiar with P2P, you’re good to go, but if not here’s how to go about it.

A.) Go to the withdrawal Section and Select Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank airtmDollar to naira rate airtm

B.) After that, scroll down and you’ll be presented with two options Direct & Request. Direct has more fees attached and is slow. So we’ll be going with Request (which involves peer to peer transactions)


C.) Once you’ve selected a request, you’ll wait to get paired with a Nigerian who buys airtm USD (it takes between 1 to 15 minutes to get a peer). Make sure you transact during the day and not at night when people are asleep.

D.) Between that time range, a peer is selected and all you have to do is add your bank’s details (kuda Bank). Once your pair makes the payment, He/she will notify you in the chat, then you have to release your airtm funds to the person as confirmation of payment.

(Make sure you confirm the payment by checking your kuda Bank app before releasing the airtm$).

You might ask with airtm charges, is it worth it?

With 115$ from your PayPal account, you get to withdraw 97$ from airtm at a rate of 660 (660 x 97 = 64,000N)

While you transfer 115$ to PayPal vendor, minus charges of $5.36, you get (106$ x 450 = 47,000N).

Conclusion & Donation

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