iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in USA & Review

iPhone 14 Pro Max price in USA

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in United States, Europe and Australia;

iPhone 14 Pro Max release date

However, there is no delay in the release date of the products; preorders for the iPhone 14 begin on September 7, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available starting on September 16.

The “underground” headliner of the Apple Far Out event is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even if it isn’t the most popular search term, it definitely makes the biggest impression, particularly when compared to the average iPhone 14.

The iPhone XR is the phone that most people should be looking at this year, even if it is extremely similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max that was released last year (and the 12 Pro Max that was released the year before that).

…if they have the money to do so. We’ve examined it thoroughly to see if it would likely be exciting enough for you to become excited about (and, eventually, hard-earned cash).

iPhone 14 Pro Max NEW FEATURES

  • The notch is gone, It’s now “Dynamic Island”
  • Always-on display
  • Adaptive refresh
  • Satellite communication
  • A16 Bionic
  • Power is clear from the first touch
  • Strong, clean design


Preorders for the iPhone 14 begin on September 7, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available starting on September 16.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Review


iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

The design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max won’t dramatically alter from that of the 13 Pro Max, as was already announced. Though the proportions are almost the same, the camera hump at the back is considerably longer, so you’re out of luck if you’re searching for something that would suit the pricey case you purchased for the 13 Pro Max.

If you’ve used the Pro Max 12 or 13, holding the new model will feel quite comfortable. Your fingers will naturally rest on the sharper, squared-off edges, so most people’s thumbs will need to execute the customary hand acrobatics to reach across the screen.

There is no USB-C port at the bottom, contrary to what you would have thought, and the physical mute button is still there (which will be quite satisfying to those who live in terror of not being able to rapidly silent their mobile device).

All of those who were unsure if they would need to change their chargers will be relieved that Apple will continue to support Lightning for at least another year.

As you can see in our hands-on photographs, the stainless steel band around the exterior is still a fingerprint magnet. Also, notice that the SIM tray on the side behind the volume controls is missing. It would be fascinating to see how people react if they can update their phone SIM-free, but when it was first introduced, there were murmurs of discontent.

However, the screen has undergone the most significant design modification; let’s take a closer look at it.

One significant modification has been made to the iPhone 14 Pro Max display: the notch has been replaced with a single, lengthy pill. Or is there truly just one big pill?

That’s not the case; instead, Apple’s iOS 16 is making this pill for you by filling it in and, in a nice touch, can utilise the screen in between to display tiny notification lights.

It has the name Dynamic Island, which was met with laughter when it was first revealed but will surely rapidly become part of Apple lingo.

The wonderful thing about this is that it changes and moves based on what you’re doing. When we experimented with it, you could start playing music and have the album cover in the top, have the timer sit next to the notch, or simply touch it to access your music.

It’s a very fascinating feature, and Apple has pulled off somewhat of a surprise by transforming what was once an ugliness into a really useful tool for using the phone.

If you’ve been comfortable with the notch for years, it may take some getting used to (and much more so if you’re coming from an Android phone with just one camera hole), but when it changes dynamically, it appears to make more sense.

The screen’s holes are likely to become less noticeable after a few days of usage, but in our early testing while viewing a few movies, they seemed to be more noticeable since the screen wrapped around them rather than the notch, which was at least to one side.

The pretty amazing new always-on display is on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Don’t call it anything groundbreaking since companies like Samsung have been providing this capability for years.

The need to touch or elevate the phone to view the clock may be inconvenient and drains power by waking up the device. However, it looks good and is something iPhone users have been clamouring for for many years.

While the always-on display would use more power, our iPhone demonstration was unable to estimate by how much, thus it may potentially help users who use their phone as a clock save energy.

The OLED display technology utilised in the phone now has the same capabilities as the Apple Watch, where it can slow down to only one refresh per second and still show some material on the screen. This new functionality has been made possible by this development.

You’ll need to play about with it to determine if you want to show all the widgets or not since it has more features than we had anticipated, like the clock, wallpaper, and widgets that continue to display while the phone is locked and off.

You’ll be quite amazed by the clarity and colour reproduction, the smoothness, and the overall expanse you get with this 6.7-inch display if you’ve never used an iPhone with an OLED screen before, which is conceivable if you’re coming from one of the earlier iPhone 11 models.

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If you’re replacing a 12 or 13 Pro Max, however, we didn’t notice a significant change other than the notch.


The phone also supports MagSafe wireless charging.


The 48MP sensor is the main focus of the upgraded iPhone 14 Pro Max camera. With this updated technology, you may use a larger range of shooting techniques, capture images with greater resolution, or obtain better low-light performance.

The capacity to combine more pixels can show up in a variety of ways, but one of the most remarkable will probably be (since we can’t really test it now) the ability to combine 48MP into a single 12MP picture, squeezing the pixels together for high-res, low-light imaging.

Although we couldn’t observe the same in the bright testing location, the inbuilt processing seemed shrewd. Apple claims that its low light imaging is twice as excellent.

As you would expect from our preliminary testing, the camera is quick and nimble. Images focus in a flash, and switching between video and photos happens really quickly. Given the improved internals, there is no reason to think that this won’t be the case, but it’s still useful to notice.

Apple probably obtained the genuine sharpness in the photographs at full resolution and zoomed in by combining the improved pixels with computational photography from the new A16 processor.

The overall impact is significant, and there is also a new 2x optical zoom that uses the phone’s 3x sensor to crop in closer than the 1x and 3x zoom lenses. The 48MP camera’s 1.9 micron size will allow in a lot of light, and the sensor is the biggest Apple has ever put in a phone.

When using the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll notice the bigger protrusion of the camera hump on the back, at least at first. With a higher-MP sensor in the same footprint as a standard sensor, the pixels grow smaller, can collect less light, etc. This is how the new 48MP sensor is enabled here, which is why Apple has probably leapt.

Therefore, a bigger sensor with larger pixels is required in order for all of that glorious light to be captured by the camera. It is believed that Sony is the company that produced this sensor. Yes, it makes the phone’s back even thicker, but in our view, the extra thickness is worth it for the better pictures.

There is also a new Action Mode that, similar to Cinematic Mode (but not as simple to select), will enable you to watch films more smoothly while running. This mode will also need a proper test to observe, but it does seem much smoother as a result of the 14 Pro Max’s built-in intelligence.

Without putting the iPhone 14 Pro Max battery through our standard battery testing, it would be impossible to tell whether it will perform as well as anticipated or compare to the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery.

It was evident that the 13 Pro significantly outperformed the 12 Pro, and if the A16 chip’s promises of increased efficiency are accurate, the 14 Pro Max will have even longer battery life due to superior low power modes.

The amount of information shown on the always-on screen might make a difference in this situation. You could choose to show just the clock, or you could have a complete wallpaper and widgets that ‘dull’ in and out when you switch on the phone.

The increased thickness of the 14 Pro Max over the 13 Pro Max strongly implies that the bigger pack inside is real, which might alter the power pack’s overall longevity and result in a longer period of time between charges.


iPhone 14 Pro Max Hardware

Aside from the notch adjustments, the speed at which the iPhone 14 Pro Max can operate is, in our opinion, the most important talking point. Apple obviously wants the Pro versions to be the most powerful in the world to justify the higher price, but it’s evident that this is an improvement.

We can’t think of many programmes that would really test the internal capacity of this smartphone, but it’s difficult to fully comprehend how powerful this phone is without performing benchmarks and – more importantly – using it in real life.

Even if (as expected) it doesn’t quite match the increase in silicon prowess that the iPhone 15 would bring, Apple made a big fuss on stage about the greater power of the iPhone 14 Pro range, and in the hand, it’s difficult to suggest that many people would ever slow this phone down.

The claims of more powerful RAM seem to be true, since it is now much easier to launch and exit programmes, snap pictures, and do difficult activities.

Every heavy programme we launched, whether it was for recording 4K 60 fps video or hastily piecing something together in GarageBand, saved and opened really fast, which is a very positive indicator.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in USA

$100 less than anticipated, the iPhone 14 Pro Max price in USA is $1,099,  (£1,099) in Europe and AU$1,605 in Australia).

Conclusion on iPhone 14 Pro Max price in USA

In Apple’s latest iPhone lineup, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the largest, boldest, and most spectacular phone. It is also the most expensive.

Although that pill form does seem like it gets in the way for certain applications, the new Dynamic Island is a truly unique update that we believe consumers will appreciate and adapt to fast.

The iPhone Pro Max range’s camera improvements are standard, but it’s likely that the low light performance and new Action Mode may really wow us.

It doesn’t feel all that different in the hand from the phones that came before it, but Apple fans didn’t appear to mind in years past. Nevertheless, we still believe that the iPhone 15 has to represent a significant advancement to maintain the iPhone’s current momentum.

Please take note that the phone specifications and price giving above, or on any other page may not be 100% accurate as factors like price is subject to change.

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