iPhone 14 Plus – Review & Price in Nigeria

Iphone 14 plus price in Nigeria

IPHONE 14 Plus Price in Nigeria and Review

Getting a large, 6.7-inch iPhone for only $100 extra than the entry-level device is very amazing.

iPhone 14 Plus Release Date

In some ways, the iPhone 14 Plus, which Apple revealed on Wednesday at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, is a wonderful homage to the first Plus-era iPhones.

For the first time, Apple simultaneously unveiled a large-screen variation, the iPhone 6 Plus, together with the iPhone 6. This new iPhone 14 Plus is practically identical to the new iPhone 14, with the exception of the 6.7-inch display, which replaces the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR one.

However, you won’t receive a tonne of extra features, as the iPhone 14 Pro Max range does.

You see, at some point, Apple moved its large-screen phones into the Pro-only area, which compelled fans of the Apple iPhone who desired a larger screen into a much more expensive area.

With the iPhone 14 Plus, we can finally have our big-screen cake without blowing our budgets out of the water.

iPhone 14 Plus New Features

  • TrueDepth camera array
  • Crash detection
  • Satellite communications
  • Big screen
  • Big battery life

iPhone 14 Plus Release Date

Preorders for the iPhone 14 began on September 9, and the iPhone 14 Plus went on sale on October 7. After the release of the iPhone 14, that is.

iPhone 14 Plus Review



The iPhone 14 Plus shares similarities with the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 in terms of appearance, drawing heavily from the iPhone 13. Additionally, it resembles the iPhone 13 Pro Max in size.

However, everything is an iPhone 14 base model. Instead of stainless steel, it’s aluminium.

Additionally, there is the new, seductive purple colour option in addition to the front and back glass, which may or may not be Gorilla Glass. That ceramic barrier layer continues to provide protection for the front screen.

The flat metal ring that encircles the glass, the power/sleep/Siri button on one side, and the volume controls on the other side are all reminiscent of the iPhone 14 design.

Despite having dimensions of 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.8mm (0.31 inches), the iPhone 14 Plus feels much lighter in my hands than a comparable-sized iPhone 13 Pro Max. Turns out it weighs just 203 grammes (the 13 Pro Max weighs 240 grammes) (the 13 Pro Max weighs 240 grams).

Apple is removing the SIM slot from its models sold in the US. That small panel is noticeable for its disappearance, making one lengthy edge cleaner-looking than ever before.

Although it is strange to see such a large iPhone sporting only two cameras, that square array corresponds to the iPhone 14. 12MP wide and 12MP ultra-wide lenses. Go pro if you want a camera with greater megapixels or zoom.

The enormous 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display, which has 2778 by 1284 resolution and 458 PPI, is located on the front. Just more room for additional pixels, not a greater resolution than the iPhone 14.

There isn’t an always-on display or variable refresh rate like on the new iPhone 14 Pro. What’s unfortunate is that consumers who enjoy inexpensive big-screen phones would also enjoy the battery savings provided by variable refresh rates and the simplicity of use provided by an always-on display.

The notch is located at the top of the display and appears slightly smaller on the bigger screen. It has a TrueDepth, 12MP selfie camera and AR sensors.


The phone also supports MagSafe wireless charging.

iPhone 14 Plus Camera And Battery

Camera Of iPhone 14 Plus

The dual-camera system on the back of the iPhone 14 Plus is identical to that of the iPhone 14. It sports a 12MP camera and a 12MP ultrawide. The 12MP TrueDepth camera is located on the front.

The main camera on the iPhone 14 Plus is an improvement over the iPhone 13’s 12MP wide camera. Larger sensors and 1.9 mm pixels support its /1.5 aperture, which could improve low-light performance.

Even though I only got a short amount of time with the phone, I did use the wide and ultra-wide cameras to capture a few photographs. Images seemed well. The enhanced autofocus features for the 12MP TrueDepth camera were also visible. That will be helpful for taking good selfies, I’m sure.

The larger iPhone 14 Plus could receive 26 hours of video playback whereas the new iPhone 14 is only expected to last about 20 hours on a single charge. Investing in a larger phone will pay off in spades.

Clearly, these are battery allegations. When I have a chance to test the new handset, I’ll know more.

With everything else about this large-screen iPhone 14 Plus remaining the same, there are two additional features that these less expensive phones do receive: Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite.

As it sounds, the iPhone 14 Plus can identify if you are in a traffic accident and assist you in contacting emergency authorities.

The iPhone 14 Plus’s antennae are used for satellite communication, which connects to orbiting satellites for use in emergency communication circumstances (lost in the mountains). When there is no mobile coverage, it can be helpful.

Apple has made efforts to lower the bandwidth needed, for example, for text messages, so that they can fit through the little space-based conduit of a satellite.

The service, which starts out free and subsequently has some form of subscription, possibly a monthly one, must be used outside with a clear view of the sky. Apple omitted giving specifics.

IPhone 14 Plus Hardware And Software

Software And Hardware iPhone 14 Plus

The A15 Bionic CPU, which has been used in Apple’s entire iPhone 13 range for a year, is the engine driving everything. This year, Apple has chosen a different strategy, dividing the range into two categories, and providing the lower models with significantly less performance than you’d likely receive from the new A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Even if it isn’t Apple’s newest and finest mobile silicon, the A15 Bionic is still a superb processor.

The iPhone 14 Plus will come pre-installed with iOS 16, much like the rest of the iPhone 14 range.

For months, I’ve been using the iOS 16 beta, and I like it. There are some significant modifications, however, it isn’t a total overhaul.

The redesigned Lock Screen is the most significant update. The platform is elevated by the addition of larger fonts, editable widgets, and image segmentation that enables you to display only a portion of your photo subject when the time is displayed.

Individual lock screens now have focus modes and freshly editable (with restrictions) texts. There are new maps and notices that have been much improved. iOS16 is very familiar and yet Apple has managed to make it seem new.

The 6.7-inch display of the iPhone 14 Plus proves to be an excellent blank slate for this new UI. There is a tonne of space, and the redesigned lock screens in particular look beautiful.


The iPhone 14 Plus Price in Nigeria Starts from 629,300N for the The entry-level 128GB variant and the Price in USA starts from $899, £879 in Europe and AU$1,579 in Australia.

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is a sizable, practical, and somewhat powerful phone that will appeal to a whole new group of iPhone customers with its large screen and lower pricing.

It’s not the flashiest huge iPhone, with just two cameras on the back, no zoom, an always-on display without variable refresh, and aluminium instead of stainless steel, but at this price and with that much battery life, it may be among the most popular.

Where To buy IPhone 14 Plus?

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