iPhone 13 UK used prices in Nigeria

iPhone 13 UK used prices in Nigeria

How Much is iPhone 13 UK used prices in Nigeria

iPhone 13 UK used is one of the most sought-after models of iPhone in Nigeria. Smartphone users often try to find out about the cost of purchasing the iPhone 13 UK used on the internet every now and then. In order to give the expected results, we have taken our time to review the iPhone 13 UK used price in Nigeria. Enjoy the read.

UK used iPhones are a huge item in the Nigerian market as most phone lovers tend to prefer them to other fairly-used phones from other regions. This is due to the track record of durability and high level of performance seen on UK used phones over the years. Additionally, these iPhones from the United Kingdom are easily cheaper than a brand new one, while this does not affect their performance and quality.

You can literally get any brand of smartphone that was used in the UK. Phone brands build different quality levels for different regions, and one of the regions that get the highest level of quality is the United Kingdom. For this, UK fairly-used phones receive a high level of demand compared to the ones used in the other parts of the world. Without a doubt, a UK used phone will save you some money and there is a high level of guarantee that you are getting quality.

What to know about UK used iPhone 13


You may wonder whether the UK used iPhone is as good and reliable as a new model. The answer is dependent on where you are buying from. You can see all kinds of used iPhones being presented to you as UK used iPhones. This has become the norm due to the wide acceptance of UK used phones over the years. However, be careful with this. The secret to buying the truly UK used iPhone 13 or any other brand of iPhone or as far as other brands of smartphones, in general, is to ensure you are buying from an established, reputable, and trusted source. You may want to check the customers’ reviews of the UK used iPhone 13 from the store you are buying from. In as much as you are being sold a truly used UK used iPhone 13, you will not have problems with the phone’s reliability.

Be sure you are not buying a stolen iPhone 13

It is possible that the source you are buying from is not a physical one. There is even a possibility of it having no website yet for you to check customers’ reviews so far. When buying a used iPhone, you don’t want to buy a stolen phone. Apple prevents stolen iPhones from being activated by new users with its Activation Lock feature, which is turned on when Find My iPhone is activated. But you’ll only know if a phone is Activation Locked after you buy it when you can’t unlock the iCloud-locked iPhone.

That said, it’s possible to find out if an iPhone is stolen before buying. You need the phone’s IMEI or MEID number (depending on the carrier). Ask the seller for it or follow these steps to get it:

  • Go to the iPhone Settings page.
  • Tap on General.
  • Now tap on About.
  • Scroll down and locate the IMEI or MEID number. It is usually a 15-digit number.
  • Now, go to the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker website and paste the copied number into the provided field.
  • Check the robot test checkbox and then click on Submit.
  • The website will send a response which can either be a green Not reported lost or stolen message, or a red notice that the phone has been reported as lost or stolen.
  • Getting a response other than the two aforementioned is a bigger red flag. Better go get the phone from another source.
  • Check the iPhone’s Carrier Lock state

Another very important point to confirm is that the iPhone 13 you are buying is not locked by the network carrier. If it is locked, may want to call your phone company before you buy to confirm it can activate the phone. To run the confirmation check, locate the phone’s IMEI or MEID number using the technique described earlier, and then call your carrier, explain the situation, and give the carrier the phone’s IMEI or MEID number. The company should be able to give you the compatibility status.

Check the phone’s battery health status

While earlier iPhone models have been known to have a weaker battery strength compared to some other brands of smartphones, that cannot be said for the recent ones. Regardless, you still want to be sure that the UK used iPhone 13 that you are about to buy has good battery health.

  • To find the battery health status, follow the steps below.
  • Go to the iPhone’s Settings page
  • Locate the battery section
  • Now click on Battery Health.

The percentage displayed in the Maximum Capacity section tells you how good the battery is. A perfect, brand-new battery on a brand-new iPhone would have 100% capacity, so the closer you are to that, the better. If the battery capacity is not showing, it is likely that the battery has been changed by the former user before or by the vendor you are buying from. Either way, it is not a good sign.

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UK used iPhone 13 prices in Nigeria

UK used iPhone 13 128GB price NGN 450,000 – NGN 490,000
UK used iPhone 13 256GB price NGN 490,000 – NGN 530,000
UK used iPhone 13 512GB price NGN 500,000 – NGN 550,000

Departing Thoughts iphone 13 UK used price in Nigeria

That is it guy. We hope by now you are not only aware of the UK used iPhone 13 prices in Nigeria but also the things to look out for as you tend to buy the phone. We have reviewed the prices of other models of iPhone and you can find them on this website. Be sure to check them out as you may see a choice among them. See you around.

Please take note that the phone specifications and price giving above, or on any other page may not be 100% accurate as factors like price is subject to change.

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