iPhone 12 UK used prices in Nigeria

iPhone 12 UK used prices in Nigeria

How much is iPhone 12 UK used prices in Nigeria

iPhone 12 is among the phones that a lot of smartphone lovers would like to have in their possession in Nigeria today. The stats do not lie, as we often see people ask about the iPhone 12 UK used prices in Nigeria on forums and social media. You can tell literally two things from this. Foremost, iPhone 12 has caught the eyes of many, and secondly people just trust UK used products to the highest level, hence the reason you would see them ask about the iPhone 12 UK used much more than you would come across requests for iPhones used in other regions.

Having understood the need for UK used iPhone 12 in Nigeria, we have made this post to give you direct ranges within which you can get the different sizes of iPhone 12 in Nigeria. In addition, this post will have some other insights that can further give you additional knowledge on iPhone 12 and some features you might want to know about the phone.

About iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is a part of Apple’s 2020 generation of smartphones, offering a variety of advanced smartphone features such as incredible OLED displays, improved high cameras, 5G network connectivity, A14 chip, and MagSafe, in an adorable squared-off design. There have been newer versions of iPhones since then, yet the iPhone 12 is still very much a great smartphone that is available for purchase as lower-cost option compared to its successors.

With the iPhone 13 models now available, and iPhone 14 being predicted to be launched in the last quarter of 2022, it is understandable to see many potential customers wondering whether the iPhone 12 models are still worth purchasing since they would literally save you some nairas. What is more, while there are individuals thy can afford to buy the brand new iPhone 12, there are still some that are skeptical about the cost as it still is reasonably a high amount to part with, getting a UK used iPhone 12 will be really great.

Features of iPhone 12

The A14 chip that powers the iPhone 12 series is responsible for a better overall display functionality. This is where its computational photography features displays a better than ever Deep Fusion for improved photos with more texture and less noise, and improved Night mode with better contrast in images. To complete this, there exists a Smart HDR 3 feature that adjusts the contrast, texture, saturation, white balance in photos for more natural-looking images. This empowers the phone with the capability to capture 30fps HDR video with Dolby Vision, the feature that enables cinema-grade videos to be captured, edited, and shared right on the iPhone 12 model. It also supports 4K video recording at up to 60fps. The cinematic video stabilization in iPhone 12 is an upgraded one alongside a Night mode Time-Lapse feature, coupled with Dolby Vision selfie videos using the TrueDepth camera.

Now to the camera that happens to be one of the first features of concern when choosing a smartphone to buy. iPhone 12’s TrueDepth camera enables the Face ID facial recognition biPhone, and biometric authentication that offers a 12-megapixel selfie camera. Alongside a Deep Fusion and Night mode, the selfie camera supports Smart HDR 3, Night mode Portrait shots which is a different feature. All these bring about significant camera improvements over the iPhone 11 camera features. An ƒ/2.4 Ultra Wide camera, an ƒ/1.6 Wide camera aperture that lets in 27 percent more light for better performance in low-light conditions, a 2x optical zoom, and 5x digital zoom all signify a massive camera properties that can cater for the users need at all times.

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And next is the battery capacity. Some older versions of iPhone were known to have less battery capacity compared to the one introduced with the iPhone 12. A fully charged iPhone 12 battery offers up to 65 hours of audio playback, 17 hours of video playback, and 11 hours of streaming video playback, or. That is a very solid battery performance and is an upgrade to the ones found on its predecessors.

The iPhone 12 models came with Apple’s introduction of MagSafe accessories designed to work with a ring of magnets built into the back of the iPhones. The accessories pack comes with a MagSafe charger, MagSafe iPhone cases, sleeves, and wallet accessories all of which make this a fully featured accessories pack. MagSafe charger has room for 15W wireless charging support, an obvious upgrade over the 7.5W charging available through standard Qi-based wireless chargers. The iPhone 12 models can also be charged via the usual lightning port as seen on other models.

UK used iPhone 12 prices in Nigeria

There are a few variations of the iPhone 12 series. The difference is the storage capacity, and as literal as that may sound, it is a huge deal. In this section of the post, we will look at the different price ranges for the iPhone 13 UK used in Nigeria. Be aware that these prices can change from time to time. And while there might be a little difference depending on where and when you are buying it, the difference will definitely not be far away from the figures seen in the table below. Cutting to the chase, here are the current prices of UK used iPhone 12 in Nigerian markets.

UK used iPhone 12 64GB price NGN 320,000 – NGN 340,000
UK used iPhone 12 128GB price NGN 340,000 – NGN 370,000
UK used iPhone 12 256GB  price NGN 370,000 – NGN 390,000

Departing Thoughts iphone 12 UK Used Price in Nigeria

So that is all about the iPhone 12 UK used prices in Nigeria. The iPhone 12 model is one of the best smartphones you can lay your hands on at the moment. While the brand new phone always offers you the quality you cannot compare with any other, a good UK used iPhone 12 gotten from a trusted vendor will offer you the same.

Please take note that the phone specifications and price giving above, or on any other page may not be 100% accurate as factors like price is subject to change.

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