iPhone 12 Pro UK Used Prices in Nigeria

iPhone 12 Pro UK Used Prices in Nigeria

How much is iPhone 12 Pro UK used price in Nigeria and Quick details

Here is a quick review of UK-used iPhone 12 Pro prices in Nigeria. This would be a very important review as we have come across users trying to know the price range for UK-used iPhone 12 Pro in Nigeria. While we do not sell iPhones, we understand the importance of knowing the prices before heading to Computer Village, Ikeja or that phone market close to you that you have in mind to go get the phone. There is no static pricing in Nigeria or anywhere else. So, depending on where and when you are buying the phone, there might be a slight price change. What we can assure you, however, is that the price change would not be significant. Be rest assured that this will be relevant even when the world is already using iPhone 14.

So cutting to the chase, we will be reviewing the price of the UK used iPhone 12 Pro in Nigeria. We will be covering everything ranging from the price of UK used iPhone 12 Pro 128GB, iPhone 12 Pro 256GB, and iPhone 12 Pro 512GB in Nigeria.

If you have ever visited that very popular computer market in Ikeja, Lagos, known as Computer Village to buy an iPhone, perhaps you can testify to the price hike in the UK used iPhones compared to those that are used in Nigeria. The hike can even reach a different level when they find out that you are new and do not really understand how sales work in the market.

A phone termed as a UK used one signifies that it was used within the United Kingdom and was imported directly from there as it has not been used in Nigeria before. However, it is worthy of note that not all phones tagged as UK used are truly used or imported from the United Kingdom. The name alone sells more than anything today, hence, it has become the household name that phone sellers and beyond use to sell their merchandise at a high price and give the buyers the confidence that is associated with UK used products.

In addition to the brand new ones, phone dealers import used mobile phones from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Korea, etc. These phones have different grades, and over the years, the UK used phones are the most accepted ones in Nigeria due to the quality guarantee they have enjoyed on these phones over the years. It is noteworthy to add, however, that when it comes to iPhone, the best in terms of quality are the ones made for Americans. Hence, US used products are superior in quality to the ones made for other regions.

Are there cheap iPhones in Nigeria?

It is not surprising to see people search for cheap UK used iPhones in Nigeria. We do not have the same pocket size, and why some can afford to live an extravagant lifestyle without worry, a lot of us need do not have such flamboyant income, hence the reason we base our spending on an average budget.

There is nothing bad in going for a cheaper iPhone 12 Pro or any other model of iPhone. However, you need to always bear in mind that most of these cheap iPhones come with strings attached. Once the price difference is too high for a device compared to that of the normal price, there must be something attached to it. It is either the device is refurbished, that is, not the original production make, locked, worldwide unlocked, stolen, or has no face id. It might even be that the battery or some other component has been replaced.

Why iPhone 12 Pro might be sold way cheaper than the original price

While iPhone 12 Pro is definitely not the cheapest iPhone out there, for some reason, you may find it being sold cheaper than expected somewhere. Before you jump into this, you need to be aware of the factors that make people sell iPhones cheaper than its cost price


Refurbished iPhones are those that have undergone some fixing before. They are far away from the original products. What is more, most of these phones are imported from China and other countries, and while being a China-made product does not necessarily make them low quality, these particular ones were made so.

Battery replaced

Another reason you may see an iPhone 12 Pro being sold cheap is a possible change of battery. When the original battery has been replaced with a weak one, the phone’s overall quality has been downgraded, and hence, it can be sold cheaply.

Worldwide unlocked

Worldwide unlocked devices always lock back when you reset them to factory settings. Hence, it is always advisable to buy factory-unlocked devices.

Has no face ID

This device has no feature to be able to perform face unlock. Note that this is not something that can ever be fixed again.

WiFi only

Any iPhone that comes with WiFi only means that it does not have a place to accept SIM cards. The SIM slot is only there as a dummy as the device cannot detect the SIM.

iPhone 12 Pro UK used prices in Nigeria

Enough of time wasting, even though you found the information above insightful. Here are the price ranges at which you can buy UK-used iPhone 12 Pro in Nigeria.

iPhone 12 Pro 128GB UK used price NGN 420,000 – NGN 450,000
iPhone 12 Pro 256GB UK used price NGN 460,000 – NGN 480,000
iPhone 12 Pro 512GB UK used price NGN 485,000 – NGN 520,000

Departing Thoughts on iPhone 12 Pro Price in Nigeria

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The iPhone 12 Pro is an incredible device that you definitely would not mind having in your possession. However, it is quite expensive for many of us. But a good iPhone 12 Pro UK used is cheaper and will give you that high quality you seek. We hope the iPhone 12 UK used price in Nigeria we have created above gives you the information you need. Do check on our other UK used iPhone prices reviews.

Please take note that the phone specifications and price giving above, or on any other page may not be 100% accurate as factors like price is subject to change.

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