iPhone 11 UK Used Price in Nigeria

Iphone 11 UK used price in Nigeria

How much is iPhone 11 UK used price in Nigeria

iPhone 11 is the direct successor of the iPhone X series and is also among the very popular brands of iPhones in Nigeria today. Every now and then, you would see users make Google searches on iPhone 11 UK used prices, UK used iPhone 11 prices in Lagos, iPhone 11 the UK used prices in Nigeria, and other related searches. With many unable to afford the latest models of iPhone (iPhone 13 series) or even the brand new iPhone 11, we have come to put up this post on the current prices of iPhone 13 Pro UK used.

While most smartphone users would like to enjoy the feeling that comes with using the latest iPhone as a newly bought item, as mentioned earlier, it is understood that not many are able to buy this phone as a brand new item. Even so, buying a good, fairly used iPhone can still give you the ecstasy that comes with using that highly exotic brand of iPhone.

Features of iPhone 11

Before we go ahead and review the different price ranges for the different storage capacities of the iPhone available, let us look at the general features of this incredible smartphone from Apple.

The iPhone 11 was unveiled by Apple on September 10, 2019, with the phone release coming just ten days later. The iPhone 11 is basically a direct upgrade to the previous year’s very popular iPhone XR. Looking at it from the front, it looks exactly the same. It has the same design as the iPhone XR, the same 6.1-inch 720p LCD with fancy rounded corners, the same giant bezels, and the aluminum body also looks the same.

The iPhone 11 introduced Apple’s new chip, the A13 Bionic processor which was the latest at that time. The smartphone also comes with a 6.1 inches Liquid Retina IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 828 x 1792 pixels resolution. The screen features Scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating both of which add a new layer of protection against scratches. The phone is also coupled with sensors such as Face ID, compass, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, and barometer.

On the display properties, we can relate the iPhone 11 display with that of the previous year’s iPhone XR, with both having the same Liquid Retina LCD as last year, with the same specs, the same off-axis color shift, and the same thick bezel. Apple’s Liquid Retina is a 326-dpi 720p LCD which has some differences compared to the deep blacks of an OLED display. This means the new dark mode in iOS 13 does not look as good and has lower resolutions compared to what we see on the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 invented a new level of camera dimension on iPhone models when it was launched. This is a phone with a rear camera consisting of 12 MP wide and 12 MP ultrawide lenses. There is also a front camera of 12 MP, coupled with TOF 3D camera sensor. On iPhone 11, Apple added an ultra-wide f/2.4 rear camera, improved the sensor for the main f/1.8 camera, and updated the front camera to a 12-megapixel sensor with a slightly wider field of view in landscape and the capability to take 4K60 video. Apple’s Smart HDR system has also been improved, and there is a new Night mode. These camera features are all found on the iPhone 11 Pro although the latter does not have the same telephoto, the results are just as good.

Talking of the battery, iPhone 11 came with a pretty great battery capacity. The battery is definitely an upgrade to thrones seen on the previous models of the iPhone. The battery has always been one of the weaknesses of the iPhone smartphones, but that changed with the introduction of the X series. iPhone 11 took it from there and added some icing. The smartphone is powered by a Li-Ion 3110 mAh battery and has room for a Fast battery charging capacity of 18W: 50% in 30 min in addition to a USB Power Delivery 2.0 + Qi wireless charging.

The phone runs on iOS 13. The Apple iPhone 11 comes in different colors such as White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple. To crown it all, the phone also features 2.0, a proprietary reversible connector.

iPhone 11 UK used prices in Nigeria

There are a few variations of the iPhone 11 series. The difference is the storage capacity, and as literal as that may sound, it is a huge deal. In this section of the post, we will look at the different price ranges for the iPhone 11 UK used in Nigeria. Be aware that these prices can change from time to time. And while there might be a little different depending on where and when you are buying it, the difference will definitely not be far away from the figures seen in the table below. Cutting to the chase, here are the current prices of UK-used iPhone 11 in Nigerian markets.

iPhone 11 64GB UK used price NGN 230,000 – NGN 245,000
iPhone 11 128GB UK used price NGN 240,000 – NGN 260,000
iPhone 11 256GB UK used price NGN 250,000 – NGN 270,000

Departing Thoughts on iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

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The iPhone 11 is an incredible device that you definitely would not mind having in your possession. However, it is quite expensive for many of us. But a good iPhone 12 Pro UK used is cheaper and will give you that high quality you seek. We hope the iPhone 11 UK used price in Nigeria we have created above gives you the information you need. There are many other UK used iPhone price reviews on this website. Do check on them and let us know what you think. See you around.


Please take note that the phone specifications and price giving above, or on any other page may not be 100% accurate as factors like price is subject to change.

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