How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone; I’ll demonstrate how to use a Jio Cell phone SIM on any smartphone in this post.

This is a question that many Jio cell phone users ask. The Jio SIM is merely there because they want to use it with other cellphones.


You can use it without a doubt. But in order to make it fully functional, you must follow a few guidelines.

Jio has a product called JioFi. It’s a specific hotspot product that supports Jio SIM. It cannot be used with a SIM card that is not from Jio. However, this is not the case with Jio Cellphone SIMs.

What happens when a Jio cell phone SIM is inserted into another phone

When using any other smartphone, such as a Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, or other, with your Jio Mobile SIM. However, you can see that network protection is accessible.

Also, under most circumstances you might not be able to use that smartphone to make a phone call or enter browse the internet.

With a technique, you can easily overcome this challenge. The reason for this problem is that because Jio Phone recharges are developed specifically for Jio Phones, the Jio Telephone SIM will only function on Jio Phones.

Therefore, you simply cannot use it properly when you insert it into other cell phones. You can reload the Jio SIM with certain unique programs to aid in its functionality on different telephones.

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How to use Jio Phone Sim in Smartphone

Let’s try out using your Jio Cellphone SIM in your smartphone now. Be it Samsung, Xiaomi, or any other brand.

As I’ve already mentioned, in order to start using your Jio Telephone SIM on other cellphones, you need to perform a particular recharge.

If you ask me how to change a Jio mobile phone sim to a regular Jio sim, I’ll recommend the below steps for you.

1. Insert Jio Cell SIM card into your mobile smartphone.

Simply remove the Jio Phone’s SIM card and place it in your smartphone.

2. Configure the MyJio app.

Both Apple iPhone and Android users can download the MyJio app. Customers of Android devices can download it from Play Store, while iOS users can do so via the App Store.

3. Sign up or log in to the MyJio app.

If you already have a Jio account, you can log in using that account. It is displayed here. You might also use your Jio SIM number to log in. To finish the process, enter the OTP that was received on your Jio number.

4. Make a Jio Primary Recharge of Rs 99.

It is now necessary for you to complete a Key recharge if you are using your Jio Cellular phone SIM for the first time in a non-Jio Cellular phone.

It is a Rs. 99 recharge. From the MyJio app, you can perform this action. You may see that the Key recharge is already included with various net programs.

You don’t really need to recharge the key again in this situation.

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For some users, the Rs 99 Prime recharge is not currently available on the application. If your situation is exactly what is described, you should visit your nearby Jio Store and ask them to perform a Rs 99 Key recharge.

5. Decide on a recharge strategy

You can now do information, connect, or any other recharging approach to your Jio Cell phone SIM number after the Key recharge. Your Jio Mobile SIM is now ready to be used with any other smartphone.

Be aware that Jio may change the recharge quantity or procedures in the future. Visit the nearest Jio store to confirm that the strategy is still in operation.

On a note of finality, I now hope you’ve figured out how to utilize your Jio Phone SIM with an Android smartphone with this post.

You can test out this technique, however to make it 100% effective, we advise contacting a Jio keeper or a Jio professional first. Please leave your questions in the comments section if you have any.

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