Does domino’s take Apple Pay?

Does domino's take Apple Pay

It’s an amazing thing that Dominos now supports Apple Pay for orders placed using their mobile application, one of the most practical methods to get Dominos pizza.

Additionally, there are conflicting rumours on whether a certain location will allow Apple Pay for pickup and in-store orders.

In other words, although it may depend on your location whether you can go into a Domino’s restaurant and pay with Apple Pay, you shouldn’t have any problems using the app.

The right kind of card reader is present at many Domino’s locations that can also process NFC transactions, which is the technology that Apple Pay utilizes to connect to the payment terminals.

What aspects influence your decision on where to purchase pizza?

Do you shop around for discounts and coupons, seek convenient pickup locations, or simply go with what you like most in terms of food?

Everyone has a different method for selecting a place to place an order, but for those who use Apple Pay and the Apple Card specifically, finding a place that supports Apple Pay means you can save 2% on everything you buy when you use your Apple Credit Card, so that’s a big factor for some people.

As a result, customers often wonder whether they can use Apple Pay at certain restaurants and other establishments.

Why not use specific cash back credit card if you may save 2% by doing so?particularly if you can do it straight using Apple Pay.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises the next time you order for pickup or delivery, we’ll go over some of Apple Pay’s key advantages as well as a few alternative payment options that you may use at Dominos.

Does Domino’s accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Customers can now buy meals from Domino’s both in-person and online and pay using Apple Pay. The fact that clients may now choose this simple digital payment option is a significant advance.

You may simply choose this option when making an online purchase at any Domino’s store that accepts Apple Pay. Because of this, Dominos stands apart from its rivals that do not accept Apple Pay.

It is no secret that consumers are getting increasingly picky about the digital payment options available. People increasingly anticipate having access to these techniques everywhere they go as a result of their rising popularity.

Due to its extreme popularity and excellent use, Apple Pay has become the preferred method of payment. To create your account, all you need to do is set aside a few minutes.

A phone and an Apple Pay account are all you need to use the service to make payments. You may use this to pick up or place an online or in-store Domino’s pizza order.

How to Set up Apple Pay for the First Time

Make sure you’ve previously added a payment method to your Apple Wallet before using Apple Pay for the first time; otherwise, it won’t function.

Your Apple Wallet is an app on your iPhone that digitally saves the payment information for all of your different credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards so you can use them to make purchases everywhere Apple Pay is accepted without having to carry the real cards around with you.

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Add a payment method by opening your Apple Wallet.

All you have to do is key in the payment details, just as you would when paying on a website.

Your card has now been added to your Apple Wallet, and you may use it to make purchases everywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

You must determine if your neighbourhood Domino’s offers Apple Pay in-person or solely via the app before using it there.

You’ll need to download the Domino’s app if it’s only available via the app.

The majority of locations should support tap-and-pay in-store, but it may vary, particularly with a firm like Domino’s that has outlets in several nations with varying degrees of Apple Pay support.

Other Domino’s Payment Options

When it comes to the forms of payment that it takes, Dominos is highly flexible. Any credit or debit card that is accepted by American banks or credit unions will be accepted.

All Dominos stores accept gift cards and vouchers, and the majority of gift cards may be used to make purchases online as well. Although you may simply pay with your digital wallet online, it does not allow tap pay.

Because your digital wallet is linked to your account, ordering pizza from Domino’s online is much simpler than paying at the restaurant. By saving your payment information, you can complete the procedure more quickly and easily.

You won’t need to enter your payment information each time you want to purchase anything from Dominos because of this. When you go to check out, your information will be instantly stored and applied.

Just be aware that Domino’s does not accept checks of any type since they are just too erratic and unreliable. Someone might create a fake check that subsequently bounces much too easily.

Although you may pay with cash when ordering a pizza from the restaurant or paying the pizza delivery person.

Does Dominos Accept Cash?

To provide its customers with additional payment alternatives, Dominos takes cash at all of its locations. Dominos has persisted in doing this despite other restaurants eliminating cash payment alternatives because it does not want to lose any of its customers.

Dominos also accepts alternative payment methods, such as credit and debit cards issued by American banks or credit unions. Any Dominos gift cards or coupons are also valid in Dominos restaurants.

Apple Pay is also accepted by Domino’s when you buy food online and in person. Given that it allows consumers to make digital payments, this is quite helpful.

When you forget your wallet at home while running out to get pizza, this is the ideal solution. With Apple Pay, all you need is a phone or iPad, an Apple Pay account, and the service.

You may use your Apple Pay account to pay for your Dominos order as long as you have those two items. Everyone may test out this hassle-free, contactless solution for themselves.


In addition to a variety of other payment options, Apple Pay may be used to pay for your Domino’s pizza purchase.

When you make food purchases, such as placing a Domino’s order, you may get 2% cash back if you have an Apple Card.

Additionally, you could use the Domino’s app or card to collect points that you could then redeem for future free pizzas.

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