Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate – How much They Pay

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate 

The Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate 

Many people are oblivious of the numerous opportunities available in real estate. When people talk about real estate, they often mean getting money, and buying a property in their name. While this is one aspect of real estate, it is just a tip of the whole ice – berg. There abound a sea of opportunities to be explored.

Not only are there countless opportunities, the industry also pays in six figures. With the right knowledge of real estate, you are bound to make some cool cash. However, this is relative, it depends on how important the industry is to you, the amount of time you invest and the type of industry you find yourself.

In this article, you will be learning so many things. 

  1. You will get to know the real meaning of real estate. 
  2. The meaning and different types of real estate investing trust
  3. How much you can make by working or investing in this industry
  4. The different job opportunities available for you 

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate

Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trust

Real Estate or real property refers to immovable property, such as land an buildings. It also means the business of buying, selling and investing in homes, land and other real property.

It includes land, natural resources in or under it, and any building attached to it.

There are different types of real estate

Residential real estate: which has to do with living spaces such as family houses, duplex and others

Commercial real estate: properties including office building, gas station, shopping centers and many others

Industrial: factories, power plant, oil fields, gas stations etc.

Special purpose: such as government properties, parks and all.

Land: vacant land, timber Landor any other used for agriculture.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Real Estate Investment Trust ((REIT) is a company that owns and operates income generating real estate.

REIT works just like the mutual funds, REITs pools the capital of numerous investors to acquire real estate. This makes it possible for individual investors to earn dividends from real estate investment without having to buy, manage or finance any property themselves.

The good thing is that REITs generate passive steady income for investors. With this knowledge, you already know that the opportunity available for you is not just investing, you can also work with companies that deal with real estate. There are different department you can work too. All you need is the right information.

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Real Estate Investment Jobs

Gone are those days when jobs in the medical, accounting and law are consider the best. We now know better. Below are some of the job opportunities you might like to consider if the real estate world interest you.

Real Estate Manager

A real estate manager overseas the operational aspect of properties prepare financial statement, supervises maintenance works, and negotiate with contractor, supplier and vendor. They determine rents and income rates. In order words, they sell or let residential or commercial properties, business or land on behalf of their clients.

If you would like to become a real estate manager, you will be expected to manage purchases, rentals, sales or development of properties. You will also monitor RS income & expenditure, as well as collect payments.

You must also keep owners, that is your client informed on taxes, occupancy rates and lease expiration date. You must do this on regular basics.


Real Estate Associate

Real Estate Associate also known as Real Estate sales Associate is a sales agent who focuses on the  buying, selling and renting of properties and homes on behalf of a client. They also prepare and show a house to potential buyers and negotiate sales agreement between the property owner and the buyer. They work with the seller, performing duties like choosing a selling price, suggesting repairs to the home to increase the return on investment and creating a property listing to print in newspaper, website or magazines. They are expected to have good negotiation skills.

They also ensure compliance to all real estate loans, regulations and controls. They also monitor renovations from inspection to completion, ensuring buyers receive superior finished product.

If you will love to explore this field, you must have good communication and negotiation skills.


Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of developing an opinion of a value for real property.

A real estate appraiser also known as real property appraiser is a professional that assesses property values often in advance of change in ownership or in order to determine the value of a home and property. They conduct site visits noting both the general and unique features of the property. In order words, the conduct neutral and independent assessments of a property’s value before listing for sales. 

Would you like to be a real estate appraiser? You must be ready to move from one place to another to perform inspections. You must also be able pay attention to details.

Real Estate Investment Consultant

A real estate expert provides expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop properly. They work with commercial real estate investors rather than residential buyers and sellers. Also known as Real Estate counselors or advisers. They work with large consulting firms or independently.

You will be tasked with performing extensive research in order to help guide client’s decision making during every step for a project. You will also have to ensure overall investment success for the client. You will also guide client’s decisions based on extensive research and industry expertise. 

To work in this field, you must have good researching skills.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker assist sellers in how best promote their properties to attract advantageous offers. They advertise properties of different platforms.


Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney prepares or reviews all the documents that are signed at the closing of a real estate purchase. They oversee the legal aspect of real estate transactions. Prepares and review legal documents, negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate transactions, facilitate the transfer of titles.

They interpret laws, rulings and regulations for real estate. They draft routine leases and amendment. Ensure that appreciate approvals are in place before real estate transactions are carried out.

They also ensure the legal transfer of property from seller to buyer.

A law degree is essential to be a real estate attorney.

Real Estate Analyst

A real estate analyst evaluate the real estate market. Research and monitor market conditions and trends pertinent for making sound investment decisions. They also provide financial analysis relevant for financing, acquisition, marketing and leasing properties.

They evaluate client’s credit worthiness, as well as assist in negotiating lease and mortgage contract and coordinating loans.

They are responsible for creating sophisticated analysis for tracking and reviewing returns and performance on asset and fund levels.

Real Estate Analyst also manage the real estate investment of organizations that have significant property holding. Using the data gathered, they prepare report for company executives about when to buy and sell properties.

Real Estate loan officer

A real estate loan officer evaluates request for mortgage or another type of property loan and help decide whether or not to grant it to a potential customer.

They are responsible for helping clients secure loans to purchase or redefine real estate.

They negotiate terms of loans with borrowing, including interest rate, loan terms and other condition of loan. Review loan applications, financial statement and other documentation to determine whether a loan is viable .

They also have the responsibility of explaining complex loan terms and conditions to customers. Educate the consumer on interest rate, taxes or reverse mortgage. 

They also help customers by recommending loan products that meet client’s financial needs while achieving bank’s profit goal.

A degree in accounting, mathematics or other relevant degree is essential to work in this field.


Escrow Officer

An escrow officer is an unbiased third party who ensures a real estate transactions is correctly out by a home buyer, home seller or any real estate agents involved in the purchased or refinance of a home. They oversee the terms of a contract, and they honour all parties. That is to say, they act as middleman between all parties when making a real estate transaction.

Ensure loan and contract paperwork is signed and correctly signed. They receive purchase funds from the buyer. They prepare financial statement for the parties.

Leasing consultant

A leasing consultant is responsible for presenting apartment, houses and other properties to prospective clients in a persuasive manner. They also promote unoccupied properties through various media and advertising techniques.

They evaluate client’s requirement and financial prosperity to make personalized presentation. They also provide  accurate information on the different features of properties

They work closely with residential land lord and property manager by finding suitable tenant.

A leasing consultant is expected to have good human and communication against Christ.


Real Estate Compliance Specialist

A real estate compliance specialist is responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures for offices, state and local real estate licensing rules and regulations are adhered to. 

They ensure that organizations and the operations comply with relevant laws, regulations and policies. They monitor and record compliance activités, advising management on compliance matters, and liaising with government agencies. They also review company business practices periodically to ensure that they are following necessary regulations.

Property Developer or Real Estate Developer

Property development is the process of developing buildings into a higher use or value.

A property or real estate developer is a person whose job involves buying, selling and arranging for new buildings to be built. They are entrepreneurs who carry out estate development. A developer simply add value to land or property, and making money in the process of doing so.

Developers often get money from banks and other financial institutions to carry out projects.

Land Administrator Manager

A land Administrator manager manages the proper receiving, recording, documentation and dissemination of land agreement and land contract. They serve as a liaison to the land department and the customer to ensure proper interpretation of land agreement and contract.

They work with Landlord and all levels of government.

Title Examiners

Title Examiners are also known as title searchers, title officers or abstractor. They are responsible For scrutinizing property title and public records. They study public legal and insurance documents associated with real estate ownership, such as sales records,  titles, mortgage and contracts.

They scour property records to determine whether or not the property can be sold.  They help confirm if a person has the right to sell a property. They make sure that a property is not a foreclosure and that there are no restrictions on its use. 

It is important that when a home is to be bought or sold, they search through documents, maps and records of sales available from realtors, banks and other government agencies.


Foreclosure Specialist

A foreclosure is a legal process that allows lenders to recover the amount owned on a defaulted loan by taking ownership of and selling mortgage properties.

A foreclosure Specialist monitors and manage foreclosure process for a piece of a real estate. Ensures that all aspects of the foreclosure meets federal, state and local regulations. They also prepare foreclosure documents and obtain title records and other records needed for foreclosure processing.

As you can see above, the field is an enormous one. You can always find a place if you’re interested. And remember, there is a good cash to be earned because this is a fast growing field.

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