Apple Watch Series 8 Price in USA & Review

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in USA, Europe and the UK;

Orders for the Apple Watch 8 are already being accepted, and the device became available starting on September 16.

The Apple Watch Series 8 may have a lot of similarities with the Apple Watch 7 from a year ago, both externally and inside.

Naturally, the new Apple Watch Ultra will be the primary attraction, but if you just want the entry-level device, the Watch 8 offers the improvement.

Will there really be that much of a difference, or is the ‘new’ Apple Watch 8 just a Watch Series 7 with a new name? To find out, we put it on the wrist.

Special Features

  • Attractive new colours
  • Temperature sensor for menstrual and ovulation tracking
  • Car crash detection

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch 8 are already being accepted, and the device will be available starting on September 16.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review


The design of apple watch series 8

The Apple Watch 8’s design hasn’t changed much at all; the new colours are likely the most obvious differences between the new Watch and the Apple Watch 7.

If you need a recap of what was introduced last year, the Watch 8 features a bigger screen and a push to a 41mm or 45mm chassis, which provided a slightly larger screen that could display more information.

There are two finishes available for Watch 8: stainless steel and aluminium. For the watch’s aluminium alternative, there are four colour options: midnight, starlight, silver, and product red. For the steel option, there are three colour options: silver, gold, and graphite metallic.

Even though the stainless steel is somewhat more costly at $749/£779, we unquestionably love the way it looks. On the right side of the gadget, the Watch 8 has a Digital Crown, a lozenge-shaped app/power button, and a heart rate sensor encased in crystal on the back.

The only modifications coming are fully hidden beneath the hood, and everything else is the same as in prior years. That doesn’t mean the design is poor at all; it fits comfortably on the wrist, the OLED screen is as crisp and brilliant as before, and it flips up and shut with ease with the finger.

This is a pretty incremental improvement meant to entice Apple Watch customers who are still using a Watch 4 or 5 and believe that it’s time to upgrade but we’ve seen this all before with the Watch 7.

Apple Watch SE 2022 Price in USA

In terms of the display, it has a helpful always-on display that will show essential information when inactive before lighting up when the wrist is raised. In our preliminary testing, this was swift and accurate as usual, thanks to the new S8 chipset inside, which powers things along quickly and efficiently.

Apple Watch Series 8 Battery Life


The Watch 8’s battery life is the same as usual: 18 hours, although it may go into the night without too much concern.

There isn’t much to discuss there, however, there is now a low-power mode that may increase the life by up to 30 hours. The always-on display will be turned off, certain sensors that monitor your vital signs will operate more slowly, and features like auto-workout detection will not operate in this new mode.

It’s interesting that this option wasn’t enabled until now, but the new S8 chip included with the 2022 Watch models has made it feasible.

If you wish to monitor your body temperature overnight, this may still be too low for some individuals. Apple suggests charging it before bed or in the shower if you’re using the fast charger, but we’re not sure whether that will be sufficient to prevent battery depletion on the majority of days.

Although low power mode will be helpful, you can’t use it overnight to measure temperature since the sensors turn off, thus you’ll need to make some advance preparations for your usage.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price

Apple Watch Series 8 will cost $399 for GPS and $499 for cellular service in the US (unless you reside in the UK—thanks, inflation). Its starting price in the UK is £419 and its starting price with GPS and cellular service is £529.

Conclusion on Apple watch series 8 price and review

It’s difficult to get too enthused about the new Watch 8, particularly in light of the Watch Ultra, which demonstrates how much more the wearable is capable of.

Apple continues to play on the notion that people will just go to the Apple store to obtain the newest model rather than expressly going out to purchase one by modestly improving the gadget from the previous year, which is plainly on exhibit here.

That is, of course, unless you are actively trying to have a family and would like the idea of letting the Watch on your wrist monitor your ovulation cycle for you instead of having to do it manually.

Given that the Watch SE 2 is much more affordable and contains many of the new capabilities of the Watch 8, which is the newest Apple gadget, there may be a surge in demand for the entry-level model

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