How To Access Another Person’s WhatsApp Messages

Access another person's WhatsApp message

Wondering how you can keep tab of your friend, partner or family member’s WhatsApp chats without them even knowing? Wants to access another person’s WhatsApp messages and media files? Here is the right article for you.

There are different reasons people attempt to have access to other person’s WhatsApp chats. For example, a suspecting man might want to know who his partner chats with the most, or who is trying to woo her, or as far as who the partner is already cheating with. Sometimes, it is just about curiosity and nothing more. Sometimes, people keep tab of another person’s WhatsApp chats to ensure he/she does not go astray as seen with parents and guardians. Regardless of the reason for wanting to read chats of another person on WhatsApp, we have three ways that you can do this, without the person even noticing.

Method 1: Using WhatsApp web

WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Web, the medium that allows users to synchronize their WhatsApp chats on their mobile phones with a web browser directly. With this, users can simultaneously use their WhatsApp accounts on multiple devices in real time. This is very advantageous as you can easily download media files sent to you on WhatsApp to your computer system, which can be very handy at times. The benefits go beyond that.

However, this same medium can be used to access someone else’s WhatsApp account without even alerting the victim. The limitation of this, however, is you would need to have a physical access to this device to initialize the process.

Below are the steps involved in accessing another person’s WhatsApp chats using the WhatsApp Web:

  • Open WhatsApp on your target person’s phone. If the person does not have it installed yet, you can ahead and help him/her install it.
  • On iOS device, tap Settings, which is found at the bottom-right corner of the screen. On Android, simply tap the menu icon found at the top right corner of the app.
  • Now tap “Linked Devices” which you should easily see among the options on your screen.
  • Click on “Link a Device” to link the account to your computer.
  • Open the WhatsApp Web website on your computer.
  • You’ll see a black-and-white box near the center of the page; this is a QR code, which you will scan using your phone’s camera.
  • Point the target person’s phone camera at the QR code to scan it.
  • Wait for the code to scan. It usually take a few minutes depending on your network’s strength and the speed of your computer. If the camera doesn’t acknowledge the QR code right away, try moving the phone closer to the screen.
  • Once the QR code is successfully scanned, the WhatsApp Web application will open the account’s chats and from here, you can access the target’s messages, status views, medial file sharing and others.

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Cons of using WhatsApp Web to access other person’s account

  • It requires you to have physical access to the person’s mobile phone
  • If the victim finds his way to the Linked Devices section on WhatsApp, he can know that someone has tapped into his account, although he might still not know who.

Method 2: Using WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool

Another way you can easily access your friend, partner or family member WhatsApp account is by using some third party applications; one of which is WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool. This method is quite easy and stress-free as it does not require you to spend money in the course of achieving your goal. All that is required is the WhatsApp number you want to hack and spy on and you are there!

Here is how you can leverage on this tool to hack and spy on any WhatsApp account via your Android or iOS powered mobile device in less than 5 min.

  • Find your way to your mobile phone’s app store; Google Play or iOS App Store and download WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2016.
  • Ensure that the app successfully install on your device and launch it as the installation completes.
  • Provide the targeted victim’s WhatsApp Number in the space provided by the app instructions.
  • Allow the hacking process to propagate. This usually takes between 2 and 3 minutes depending on your network speed and your phone’s computing power
  • Click “Verify Option” as the hacking process completes.
  • Upon completion, you would be able to instantly access this person’s WhatsApp chats including messages, images, videos, stickers and other content that the has sent and received in the last 30 days.

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Method 3: Using Paid Monitoring App – mSpy

This method quite close to the aforementioned as it also requires you to download and install monitoring application to your mobile phone. This is a superb tool that is very easy to use, undetectable, and does not consume a target person’s cell phone battery unlike many others out there. Hence it is very unlikely of the victim to discover that a spy application has been installed on their device.

However, you will need to have a physical contact with the target person’s phone in order to install the application on it. In the event of the target using password or PIN, which is very likely as it is the norm nowadays, you would need to find a way to trick the person into leaving the phone with you for a few minutes to get the job done. This would not be much of a problem, as most people use app lock on their WhatsApp and other sensitive applications, so, it should not be a problem for the target to leave the phone with you for a few minutes.

In addition, unlike some other spy apps, mSpy works very well on all devices and both iOS and Android operating systems. It, as well does not require rooting or jailbreaking for some of its features. Its utilities go beyond WhatsApp account access as it offers an opportunity to view another person’s messages, media files, and locations remotely without them knowing.

So that is it. You have successfully gained access to that WhatsApp account you are so interesting in its chats. Be ready for what comes after reading secret messages. Cheers!

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