6 Tips On Getting The Best From WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing tips

WhatsApp is arguably one of the most used chatting apps on the internet. Its popularity grew from being the famous Blackberry Messenger chaser to setting the ground up and running for the subsequent competing apps. Today, it is hard to come by a smartphone user who has not installed WhatsApp on their smartphones. With its popularity and user base continued growth since its inception in 2009, it has become the most trusted chat app out there, with eCommerce transactions being carried out on it seamlessly.

However, we are still leagues away from getting the absolute best from WhatsApp. This is why we are exploiting this post to help you pick up what is termed as WhatsApp Marketing and how to get the best from using WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp Business for your business.

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Looking At WhatsApp Users’ Statistics

When the two former workers at Yahoo; Jan Koum and Brian Acton created WhatsApp in 2009, little did they know about how fast it would grow in just a decade. With estimated active monthly users of 2.4 billion in 2022 according to the data obtained from Statista, WhatsApp is only bettered by YouTube and Facebook both of which get accumulated monthly users of 2.56 billion and 2.9 billion respectively. With monthly downloads of over 40.5 million as of the press time, according to Statista, WhatsApp Messenger is currently the most downloaded chat app across the globe.

We can then deduce the following stats based on the current performance of WhatsApp applications.

  • The WhatsApp service is currently being used in over 120 countries.
  •  Over 80% of WhatsApp users are active on a daily basis.
  • Each day 100 million voice calls and 55 million video calls are made.
  • Over 400 million people actively use the WhatsApp Status function.
  • WhatsApp service is available in over 50 languages.

WhatsApp Marketing Prospects: Why You Should Leverage On It

There are numerous reasons to consider leveraging the advantages that WhatsApp service; both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business offer to your business. Among the frontrunners is the fact that this is a free application, with your internet data being the only price you pay. However, the benefits go way beyond that.

With its intensely packed features, WhatsApp gives you the ability to offer personalized experiences to your customers and prospects. You get to stay closer to them, get them engaged with your products and services through the WhatsApp Status function, explore different products in your catalogs and communicate in real-time.

In addition, you can send personalized marketing campaigns through WhatsApp broadcasts. You can target a particular set of customers with information about new deals, seasoned sales, and more.  As well, customers and clients can be added to WhatsApp groups. This, alongside the use of broadcasts, can generate more leads and conversions.

The aforementioned aside, there are other promotional techniques to benefit from WhatsApp to promote your business and get an upsurge in conversions. Many companies have leveraged the opportunities provided by this app, and the tips for joining the winning team are shared in this post.

Tips To Getting The Most Out of WhatsApp Marketing

We have brought up six tips that can help you get the most of the benefits that WhatsApp Marketing has to offer. These are explained below.

  1. Utilise the power of WhatsApp CRM

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, WhatsApp Business especially gives you the ability to engage with your customers and prospects faster and better in real-time. Chats. Voice calls. Video calls. There are various functions to leverage on to get closer to your customers. These are free of charge. They can help you create brilliant interactions that can upsurge your conversions and sales. Others such as systematically labeling users and products, and automated quick replies and away messages can provide more personalized experiences, thereby improving the relationship with your customers. It is one thing to have customers; it requires another level of work to keep these customers happy at all times. Do not underestimate the power of WhatsApp CRM tools.

  1. Take your time to organize and manage your business groups

WhatsApp has increased the maximum number of group participants to 512 from the previous maximum members of 256. This great tool can generate collective chats, leads, and conversions, especially for promotional and seasonal sales. As well, prospects can see customers’ reviews on products or services they are interested in, and these organic reviews can convince so many of them to go for your offers. WhatsApp groups are extremely useful in sharing information about new stocks, sales events, and the likes.

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  1.   Bestow media richness on your texts

Chat apps allow you to format your texts in a way that makes them more appealing. The use of emoji, italics, bold, and underlining can give your messages special appeal to the eyes of the readers. WhatsApp emojis, stickers, and multimedia files can spark good interactions and engagement from your users, especially in your business groups. Learn to utilize them to the maximum.

  1. WhatsApp Status function can bring conversions, too

One of the most underrated functions on WhatsApp is WhatsApp Status. This is ridiculously great to the extent that it can generate organic conversions without you having to barge into your customers’ privacy. The Status field leaves your content for your contacts to see for 24hrs unless you decide to take it down. However, getting the best from WhatsApp Status is not limited to posting your products only. Sometimes, post comic content too. Things that others can interact with. Funny and educative tips outside your product images. Give room for prospects and not only your customers. That way, people will find viewing your Status amusing.

  1. Construct your messages to get the attention of the audience

Be professional with the way you interact with your customers on WhatsApp. Differentiate work from leisure. Appear and engage professionally. However, do not overdo it. Create a balance between making the messages fun ad business orientated. This will catch their interest and bring about engagements.

  1. Leverage all the WhatsApp Business features

There is a reason WhatsApp Business was created, despite us already enjoying WhatsApp Messenger. It comes with a variety of tools that can be tailored around getting the best for your business.

Your WhatsApp Marketing starts with well-crafted profile details that give an overview of your business venture in an appealing manner. Your profile picture is a representation of your business image on the chat app. Ensure you use a banner that was designed by a professional. Remember, there is a possibility that your prospect is bringing a huge conversion. A bad profile image can instantly turn the prospect off and send a wrong signal about your business.

People tend to trust your business when they can get the right physical location of it. If your business is completely online, it is okay. However, when it has a physical address you would like to include on your WhatsApp Business profile, because why not! You are advised to implement the “Send exact location” function, whereby your customers receive an interactive map with the clearly marked address and with all the facilities of Google Maps.

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